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1st Semester Review

Quiz by Mrs. Burnett

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  • Q1
    What type of energy transformation is taking place during photosynthesis?
    Radiant to Chemical
    Mechanical to Chemical
    Chemical to Radiant
    Chemical to Mechanical
  • Q2
    All bones, including the skull are part of which body system?
    Skeletal System
    Circulatory (Cardiovascular)
  • Q3
    What is the function of the cell membrane?
    To regulate what enters and leaves which helps maintain homeostasis
    Controls function of the cell
    Allows for storage and waste removal
    Utilize energy in the cell
  • Q4
    Which organelle is larger in a plant to allow for extra storage?
  • Q5
    Which of the following is "incorrect" regarding the cell?
    Nucleus - directs cell's activities
    Mitochondrion - utilize energy
    cell wall - provides support and protection
    cell wall- regulates what enters and exits
  • Q6
    Two multi cellular organisms, one is a producer and one is a consumer. According to the cell theory, what do they have in common?
    Both have a cell wall
    Composed of cells
    Both Consumers
    Both Producers
  • Q7
    This single celled organism is a consumer, like other living organisms it maintains homeostasis, which part of the cell theory helps explain this?
    It has organ systems
    They are the basic (smallest) unit of life
    They photosynthesize
    They work with other cells
  • Q8
    A single celled and multi-celled organism that both go through photosynthesis. According to cell theory, what is carried out by both of these organisms?
    Both produce sex cells for reproduction
    Both consume other organisms to maintain life processes.
    Both use light energy to produce food to maintain life processes.
    Both transmit impulses along nerve pathways for movement.
  • Q9
    What is the function of the body system pictured?
    Question Image
    exchange gases with the environment
    respond to stimuli in the environment
    Absorbs nutrients from food
    Protects the body from disease
  • Q10
    During respiration, you release carbon dioxide as a waste product? Besides the respiratory system, which other systems work to remove waste?
    Integumentary, Circulatory and Excretory
    Reproductive, Circulatory and Endocrine
    Excretory, Integumentary and Nervous
    Endocrine, Nervous and Circulatory
  • Q11
    How does digestive and circulatory interact with one another?
    The digestive obtains nutrients and circulatory transports them
    The circulatory system obtains oxygen and the digestive system breaks down food
    The circulatory system releases hormones and the digestive system breaks down food
    The circulatory system controls the breaking down of food for the digestive system
  • Q12
    Organelle labeled X performs a function similar to which body system?
    Question Image
    Nervous System
  • Q13
    Brother and sister almost like each other, but not exactly. What is the reason for this?
    Fewer genes from one parent
    Same exact genes
    Different combination of genes
    Different number of genes
  • Q14
    Pineapples can be asexually reproduced by just replanting the crown of it in the ground. What's a disadvantage to having our food reproduce asexually?
    Question Image
    Rapid increase in offspring
    Genetic differences - causes these plants to have different flavors.
    Genetically Identical - so environmental changes could kill off the whole crop at one time, possibly causing extinction.
    Genetic Variation - they will all look different and survive environmental changes
  • Q15
    The offspirng of asexual reproduction are...
    in possession of different traits from the parents
    products of two parents
    genetically identical to the parent
    vary genetically from the parent

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