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2 Step Word Problems

Quiz by Doris Greene

Grade 3
Common Core

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Dawn has 67 apples and Kim has 43 apples. They use 26 apples to make apple pies for their church bake sale. How many apples do they have left?
    110 apples
    84 apples
    26 apples
    136 apples
  • Q2
    Kyle had 17 cookies and then he bought 25 more cookies. He wants to share them between himself and 6 friends. How many cookies will each friend get?
    6 cookies
    8 cookies
    7 cookies
    42 cookies
  • Q3
    Alex has 145 marbles. 33 marbles are green and 57 are blue. The rest of the marbles are red. How many red marbles does Alex have?
    55 red marbles
    90 red marbles
    145 red marbles
    65 red marbles
  • Q4
    Shannon and her husband, Bryan went shopping. They each bought 10 new shirts. Shannon returned 3 of her new shirts to the store. How many shirts do Shannon and Bryan have?
    17 shirts
    5 shirts
    20 shirts
    7 shirts
  • Q5
    Ben and D’angelo went fishing. They each caught 11 fish. For dinner, they each ate 2 fish. How many fish do Ben and D’angelo have now?
    20 fish
    9 fish
    22 fish
    18 fish

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