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200 English Lessons

Quiz by Stella Fabjańska

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13 questions
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  • Q1
    Finish, please: "Anything worth ............................"
    doing is worht doing well"
    doing is better than doing nothing"
  • Q2
    Queen Elizabeth delivers her annual Speech
    on Christmas Day
    on New Year's Eve
  • Q3
    Two years ago the Queen mentioned:
    appealing attacs in Manchaster
    appalling attacs in Manchaster
  • Q4
    A boy from: " I got a bug" text, Traveller, got over the illness and he felt
    as healthy as a fish
    as fit as a fiddle
  • Q5
    Hewlett - Packard and the Univesrity of Stanford are situated
    in the Silicon Valley
    in Boston
  • Q6
    Many people object to monitoring systems that is:
    suspicious cameras
    surveillance cameras
  • Q7
    Who is the biggest rogue and a heavy smoker in our class? We tried so hard to help him get rid of this bad habit,
    David W.
    Mikołaj T.
  • Q8
    Kuba S is a great supporter of this team:
    Manchaster United
  • Q9
    An excellent BBC news about Tigers, which left us speechless, was prepared by:
  • Q10
    Who taught us about Panama delivering an excellnt speech in aula:
    Kuba W.
  • Q11
    My furniture
    is new
    are new
  • Q12
    Who is the most responsible, spotless, infallible, and most valuable man in the world ?
    Dominik W!
    Dominik W!
  • Q13
    Can you finish, please: Early to bed and early to rise
    makes a man tired of life
    makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise

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