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2005 HSC IPT

Quiz by Benjamin

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following contains information that should all be included on a company letterhead?
    Company: name, address, phone number, fax number, mission statement, logo and ABN number
    Company: policy, address, phone number, fax number, web address, logo and ABN number
    Company: phone number, mobile number, fax number, web address, logo and ABN number
    Company: name, address, phone number, fax number, web address, logo and ABN number
  • Q2
    Which table correctly classifies the peripheral devices according to function?
    Question Image
  • Q3
    Gina is a union representative in her workplace. She has formed a committee to discuss pay and work conditions. She has approached the supervisor to discuss the committee’s concerns. Which communication technique would Gina find the most useful when discussing these concerns?
    Reading an internal memo aloud
    Using active listening
    Utilising negotiation skills
    Displaying aggressive body language
  • Q4
    Mrs Munro has returned to her job after taking maternity leave. She did not get the promotion she applied for. The company has informed her that it prefers to promote single people because they can travel overseas more readily. Which form of discrimination has Mrs Munro experienced?
    Direct discrimination on the basis of marital status
    Indirect discrimination on the basis of gender
    Direct discrimination on the basis of gender
    Indirect discrimination on the basis of marital status
  • Q5
    Below is an extract from the Policy and Procedures Manual of a small company. One of the instructions from this extract does NOT conform to OHS guidelines. Which statement correctly identifies this error?
    Question Image
    Solvent should be stored in a specially designed solvent store.
    Printers should not be cleaned by employees but by the manufacturer’s trained maintenance staff.
    Printers do not need to be cleaned at all.
    Solvent should never be used to clean any equipment.
  • Q6
    Carpal tunnel syndrome is an overuse injury. Which of the following is characteristic of carpal tunnel syndrome?
    Pain and inflammation in the wrists and fingers
    Burning sensation in the lower back
    Stiffness in the neck and shoulders
    Sore and bloodshot eyes
  • Q7
    Ashley has a stand-alone computer. His work requires him to spend a lot of time on the internet downloading modules of code and graphics from websites. His computer is running slowly, freezing and creating duplicate copies of existing files. What is the most likely cause of these problems?
    A virus has been downloaded and activated.
    Downloading has consumed RAM.
    The hard drive is full.
    The web browser needs to be updated.
  • Q8
    Which of the following actions demonstrates the use of an operating system tool to determine and change hardware properties and status?
    Purchasing a virus protection application to detect and remove viruses attached to any files stored on the hard drive
    Downloading a free spyware tool to scan the hard drive for unwanted applications
    Using disk cleanup or disk defragmentation tools to reduce the time needed to access files stored on the hard drive
    Using a free file compression application to increase the number of files that can be stored on the hard drive
  • Q9
    What formula has been used in cell E6?
    Question Image
  • Q10
    What type of chart would best convey the selected information in columns A and F?
    Question Image
  • Q11
    What data structure has been highlighted above?
    Question Image
  • Q12
    How has the data in the extract been sorted?
    Question Image
    Descending, Postcode
    Ascending, Employment Status
    Descending, Suburb
    Ascending, Annual Salary
  • Q13
    This SQL statement is applied to the extract from the Employees database. SELECT First Name, Last Name, Annual Salary FROM Employees WHERE Postcode > 2145 ORDER BY Postcode (ascending) What will be the third item in the output list?
    Question Image
    Leesa, Boyle, $91 750
    Fatima, Haddad, 2121
    Lin, Chu, 2168
    Spiro, Poulos, $102 500
  • Q14
    Which of the following describes an absolute file path?
    It explicitly names all elements to locate the file, excluding the disk name.
    It includes a reference to a hard disk.
    It assumes the files are located on the current disk.
    It explicitly names all elements to locate the file, including the disk name.
  • Q15
    Software licences often entitle the owner (licensee) to upgrade to the next version of the software. Which of the following would prevent a licensee from undertaking such an upgrade?
    The upgrade version may not be compatible with the original version.
    Data files created in the original version will not be accessible after the upgrade.
    The specifications of the licensee’s existing computing system will not support the upgrade.
    Software support on the original version will be invalidated by such an upgrade.

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