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2.01 Study Guide

Quiz by Suzanne Patterson

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    What resources could a health care employee access to understand whether or not a chemical is dangerous?
    Poison control
    OSHA manuel
    A representative from the housekeeping department
  • Q2
    If a nuclear crisis occure in the U.S. which agency is responsible to protect the public from radioactive biohazard waste?
  • Q3
    If a healthcare professional is contaiminated by blood or other body fluids, he/she should wash the area immediately and notify;
    The CDC
    His/her doctor to get an antibiotic prescription
    A supervisor
  • Q4
    Two nurses work together to transfer an overweight patient. By doing this, they are showing an understanding of which healthcare professional safety guidelines?
    General guidelines
    Body Mechanics
    Fire safety
    Ergonomic program
  • Q5
    A radiologist tech requests a mechanical lift for the x-ray department to reduce the number of back injuries among staff. What health care professional safety is this?
    Fire safety program
    Body Mechanics
    General Guidelines
    Ergonomics program
  • Q6
    Which action is NOT the correct use of a fire extinguisher?
    Aim the extinguisher at the base of the fire
    Squeeze or press the handle
    Pull the pin to release the lock
    Hold the extinguisher in one position while discharging it.
  • Q7
    Olivia wants information regarding patient care standards within a health care agency. Which regulatory agency would provide her with the MOST information?
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    International and National Joint Commission on Safety
  • Q8
    A patient brought an unmarked bottle from home and states the bottle contains a home remedy. The nurse cannot identify the contents and reports this to the supervisor. Which safety guidelines is being followed?
    Fire safety
    Hazardous material
    Basic Emergency Response
    General Guidelines
  • Q9
    An emergency medical technician understands that the immediate actions of basic emergency responders will:
    Saves lives and reduce the need for first responders
    Save lives and meet basic human needs
    Decrease the need for advanced medical care for first responders
    Saves lives protects bystanders, and save money
  • Q10
    The CNA in a doctor's office notices the blood pressure cuff machine is not operating properly. She decides to use a standard sphygmomanometer and stethoscope before she records the patient's vital signs. Which safety consideration is being followed?
    Patient Safety
    Environmental Safety
    Body mechanics
    General Guidelines
  • Q11
    What is the recommended response to a foreign body to the eye?
    Remove the object immediatley
    Leave the object in place and seek immediate medical attention
    Cover the eye and keep it dry
    Rub the eye briskly to attempt to remove the object
  • Q12
    Which action by a maintenance tech indicates an understanding of environmental safety issues?
    Always ask for training before operating new equipment
    Lock the side rails to ensure they cannot be lowered
    carry heavy objects close to the body
    Wash hands before and after beginning work
  • Q13
    Which action indicates a health care employee understands fire safety?
    Disposing of all waste in the nearest receptacle
    Running to find a fire extinguisher and fire alarm
    Storing wheelchairs in the hall to facilitate quick evacuation
    Placing "no smoking" signs near oxygen and other gases
  • Q14
    Proper body mechanics alone cannot guarantee the prevention of injury during patient handling. Which patient handling task MOST LIKELY helps the risk of injury?
    Forceful movement
    Movement utilizing teamwork and assistive devices
    Movement in an awkward position
    Repeated movement
  • Q15
    Which action can contribute to illness and injury prevention?
    Store hazardous materials in a locked area
    Allow employees with latex allergies to avoid the use of gloves
    Immunize employees only at high risk for exposure.
    List all work related injuries on the agency bulletin board

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