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2010 HSC IPT

Quiz by Benjamin

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19 questions
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  • Q1
    A library maintains a card-based system, indexed by title, to help borrowers find books. There is only one card for each book containing data on the title, the publisher, the author, the topics, the date of publication and a location number. Using the card-based system, which of the following would enable the user to determine the location of a book?
    The title but not the date of publication
    The book’s publisher but not the author
    The author’s name but not the title
    The topics that a book covers but not the title
  • Q2
    A student uses a digital photograph of another student in an email. Which issue needs to be considered in this scenario?
    Accuracy of information
  • Q3
    Which of the following refers to a subscription-based web-feed that provides users with frequently updated content?
  • Q4
    A DVD store maintains a customer database. Each new customer is asked to complete a form by providing his or her contact details, including address, phone numbers and email contact. Each time a customer borrows a DVD the customer is asked to confirm his or her address details only, and updates are made as needed. Which statement about the quality of this data is true?
    The data quality is good because the data stored is constantly revised.
    The data quality is poor because there are no verification procedures in place to ensure it is accurate.
    The data quality is poor because much of the data could be out of date and there is no way of checking.
    The data quality is good because the data stored is always up to date.
  • Q5
    A large clothing-store chain has recently made major upgrades to its stock/sales information system. Many of the staff need to be trained in the use of the new information system. The director is implementing the new system in the following sequence: • men’s clothing section • women’s clothing section • children’s clothing section. Which of the following methods of conversion is being used?
  • Q6
    The owner/operator of a retail store is designing a database to manage stock/sales within the workplace. Initially she designs the solution on a spreadsheet prior to developing the information system using a Database Management System. Which development approach would be most appropriate?
  • Q7
    Which of the following statements about normalisation is true?
    Normalisation reduces data redundancy.
    A flat file would not require normalising.
    A query would not require normalising.
    Normalisation eliminates data duplication.
  • Q8
    What is a term for the screens and reports produced from stored database data?
  • Q9
    A school assistant maintains a flat-file database to manage vehicle owners who use the school’s carpark on a daily basis. The data dictionary contains the following metadata. Approximately how much storage space would 1000 records require?
    Question Image
    120 megabytes
    120 bytes
    120 gigabytes
    120 kilobytes
  • Q10
    Which of the following provides the best example of a virtual community?
    Students participating online in an international environmental forum
    Shoppers purchasing goods online
    Doctors meeting at a conference in a regional town
    Friends emailing each other from different parts of the world
  • Q11
    The Gantt chart outlines the times taken to complete tasks when introducing a new system. Which tasks were completed over a period of five weeks?
    Question Image
    System feasibility, testing, training
    Implementation of IT, testing, training
    Interviews/surveys, system requirements, system feasibility
    System requirements, system design, implementation of IT
  • Q12
    The Gantt chart outlines the times taken to complete tasks when introducing a new system. The project team had planned to implement the new hardware and software in the week it was received. The supplier has just informed the project team that the delivery date is now the beginning of week 10. How many weeks will the original plan be delayed by?
    Question Image
  • Q13
    An e-commerce site offers perfumes for sale online. Since launching the site, the website functionality, ease of navigation and payment system have been tested. Sales have grown from two to fifty purchases per hour. This increased sales growth has caused the system to malfunction. Which of the following test data should have been used in the testing stage of development?
  • Q14
    What is ‘smtp’?
    An internet standard for securing email messages from one computer to a server over a network
    A communications protocol used for receiving files sent from one computer to another over a network
    A protocol used for sending secure webpages and webpage components over the internet
    An internet standard for sending email messages from one computer to a server over a network
  • Q15
    Jim has hired a project team to build a new information system for his business. The project manager has provided a feasibility report. Using a traditional system of development approach, which of the following does Jim need to consider next?
    How the staff will be trained and the system will be tested
    How the specifications for the design will be developed
    How the new system will help the business achieve its purpose
    How installation of hardware and software will occur

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