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2015 HSC exam multiple choice

Quiz by Robin

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  • Q1
    Which of the following best explains state sovereignty?
    Nation states can intervene to protect human rights in other nations.
    Nation states are in control of their own domestic affairs.
    A head of state can make all laws.
    A head of state can enter into international treaties.
  • Q2
    Which of the following best describes criminal law in NSW?
    Private law that uses the inquisitorial system
    Public law that uses the adversary system
    Public law that uses the inquisitorial system
    Private law that uses the adversary system
  • Q3
    Michael travels by public transport to his office in the city. He has been caught travelling without a valid ticket. What types of offences have been committed by Michael?
    White collar and public order
    Summary and public order
    Summary and strict liability
    White collar and strict liability
  • Q4
    Sam helped Chris plan a crime. Chris drove to Sam’s house on his way to a bank. Sam gave Chris a weapon. Sam then stayed at home. Chris used the weapon to rob the bank. What is Sam likely to be charged with?
    Principal in the first degree
    Principal in the second degree
    Accessory after the fact
    Accessory before the fact
  • Q5
    Belinda is on trial for treason. Who has the role of ensuring that this trial is conducted fairly?
    Public defender
  • Q6
    The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights is an example of which of the following?
    Common law
    Customary law
    A treaty
    A statute
  • Q7
    Which court has appellate jurisdiction to hear criminal law matters?
    Local Court
    Children’s Court
    Coroner’s Court
    District Court
  • Q8
    Which of the following requires a person to attend court?
    Infringement notice
  • Q9
    Which of the following is a purpose of punishment?
    Restorative justice
  • Q10
    Mark is charged with an offence and the matter is brought to court by a police prosecutor. It is his first offence. Mark is found guilty and sentenced. What type of offence and penalty would most likely apply to Mark?
    A summary offence and imprisonment
    A summary offence and a fine
    An indictable offence and a suspended sentence
    An indictable offence and a good behaviour bond
  • Q11
    Mary has been charged with manslaughter. Mary has told her lawyer that she was acting in self-defence. Her lawyer gives her the following information: • Self-defence is a partial defence. • Her case may be heard in a judge-only trial. Why is some of this information incorrect?
    Self-defence cannot be used as a defence to manslaughter.
    The trial must be heard before a jury.
    The trial must be heard before a magistrate.
    Self-defence is a complete defence to manslaughter.
  • Q12
    Daniel, a 14-year-old, is convicted of a public order offence. This is his first recorded conviction. Which of the following is the most likely penalty for Daniel?
    Community service
  • Q13
    Anne is charged with murder. The prosecution and defence enter a charge negotiation and Anne agrees to plead guilty to manslaughter. What must the judge do?
    Accept the agreement
    Change the agreement
    Consider the agreement
    Reject the agreement
  • Q14
    A well-known public figure has served his full sentence of 20 years for a violent crime. He has been denied release because of aggressive behaviour in prison. What is this an example of?
    Continued detention
    Security reclassification
    Periodic detention
    Protective custody
  • Q15
    Which of the following involves both a human rights issue and a criminal law issue in Australia?
    A woman demands equal pay.
    A refugee is arrested for assault.
    A child is forced to work in a factory.
    A same-sex couple is denied the right to marry.

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