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2015 Retail HSC

Quiz by Benjamin

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    A customer complains to a retailer when a table that they have ordered is not available for delivery until next year. What is this complaint in relation to?
  • Q2
    Which of the following is a distinctive feature of a department store?
    Being owner operated
    Selling a range of product categories
    Stocking expensive items
    Offering a delivery service
  • Q3
    Kim and Ken work in a library. Every Friday, they shop at a supermarket inside a shopping centre. What type of customers are they to the supermarket?
  • Q4
    A grocery store employee needs to move a load. What is the first thing that the employee should do?
    Ask for assistance
    Bend knees and keep back straight
    Lift the load with both hands
    Assess the load
  • Q5
    A salesperson says to a customer, ‘You mentioned that you wanted an elegant dress. Is it for a special occasion?’ Which combination of questioning techniques is being used by the salesperson?
    Reflective and closed questioning
    Reflective and open questioning
    Active and closed questioning
    Active and open questioning
  • Q6
    The main function of a health and safety committee in a workplace is to
    fine employers for safety breaches in the workplace.
    provide personal protective equipment.
    develop rehabilitation plans for injured employees.
    assist in the development of safety procedures.
  • Q7
    A retail store offers staff a 5% bonus on sales achieved. A salesperson has sold $4223 worth of products. What bonus should the salesperson receive?
  • Q8
    The main purpose of a warranty is to provide
    proof of purchase to the retailer.
    assurance of product quality to the customer.
    product information to the sales assistant.
    a record of sales to the supplier.
  • Q9
    An experienced checkout operator is not happy with the work of a new checkout operator. What is the first step that the experienced checkout operator should take?
    Discuss the issue with other checkout operators
    Inform the store manager
    Talk to the new checkout operator
    Advise the union
  • Q10
    The shelf price of a can of baked beans at a supermarket is $1.29 but the item scans at $1.99. A customer wants to purchase four cans of baked beans. According to the industry code of practice, how should the customer be charged?
    All items at the lower price
    All items at the higher price
    First item free and all other items at the higher price
    First item free and all other items at the lower price
  • Q11
    The employees in a retail workplace are collectively negotiating their terms of employment with the employer. The negotiated employment terms and conditions should be set out in
    an award.
    an agreement.
    a contract.
    an arrangement.
  • Q12
    In a retail workplace, only authorised staff members are allowed access to the workers compensation details of the business. Which regulatory requirement has been applied?
    Equal opportunity
    Workplace safety
    Fair work

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