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20 questions
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  • Q1
    Which action does the "Star" icon perform on a web browser?
    Bookmarks the webpage
    Downloads the webpage
    Rates the webpage
    Reloads the webpage
  • Q2
    The duty of care of an employer extends to
    all employees, contractors and visitors to the workplace.
    full-time and permanent part-time employees only.
    all employees and contractors but not visitors to the workplace.
    paid employees at a workplace only.
  • Q3
    A computer appears to be switched off. When the mouse is moved, the monitor immediately displays the active desktop and is available for use. Which of the following power management configurations has been used?
    Scheduled shutdown
  • Q4
    Sam is an ICT employee who is entitled to paid sick leave, paid annual leave and is required to work 20 hours per week. Which type of employee is Sam most likely to be?
    Part-time permanent
    Full-time permanent
  • Q5
    Some computer viruses take advantage of a vulnerability in an operating system. What would be the most effective method to avoid being infected by this type of virus?
    Update virus and spyware definitions
    Install a patch provided by the operating system manufacturer
    Replace your virus protection software with the latest version
    Complete a full scan on your computer
  • Q6
    Which row of the table correctly describes the features of open source operating systems and proprietary operating systems for a single-user machine licence?
    Question Image
  • Q7
    A full system backup is done every Friday night and a differential backup every night Monday to Thursday. All files were damaged on Wednesday from a malicious software attack. Which nightly backup(s) should be used to restore the files?
    Tuesday and Friday
    Monday, Tuesday and Friday
    Monday and Tuesday
  • Q8
    Which of the following should be used to determine if a service on a computer has stopped?
    Registry editor
    System configuration
    Boot manager
  • Q9
    A home network connects to the internet via ADSL. However, on a particular evening, no computers on the network can access the internet. When the network connection on one of the computers was checked, the network cable was plugged in and the port indicator lights were active. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the issue?
    The router has no power.
    The web browser has not been updated since installation.
    The telephone cable is not plugged into the correct socket.
    The ethernet cable is not plugged into the router.
  • Q10
    Why would driver signature enforcement be disabled?
    To allow a driver to be uninstalled
    To enable all drivers to load during safe-mode startup
    To stop automatic updates of drivers
    To install an unofficial driver
  • Q11
    The diagram shows an icon commonly used in commercial software packages. What is its function?
    Question Image
    It counts the words, characters or lines in a document.
    It suggests words with similar meanings.
    It checks for spelling and grammar issues.
    It checks that a document follows best accessibility practices.
  • Q12
    The diagram shows a chart. Which of the following correctly identifies the features labelled X, Y and Z in the chart?
    Question Image
  • Q13
    Which of the following uses automatic referencing in a word-processed document?
    Page header and footer
    Word count
  • Q14
    Each time a date of birth is entered into a spreadsheet cell, hashtags are displayed instead of the date. What does this indicate?
    The column width is too narrow.
    An incorrect formula has been entered.
    The cell format has been set to display text.
    The spreadsheet is using privacy protection.
  • Q15
    What is the purpose of creating a pivot table?
    To update the data in the source table
    To transpose the data from columns to rows
    To arrange and summarise the data into a table
    To split a single column of text into multiple columns

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