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2022 Electrification Lunch N Learn

Quiz by Hector Aguilar

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8 questions
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  • Q1

    Hammurabi was the ____ king of Babylon.





  • Q2

    For multifamily properties with 20 or more units, the 2022 revisions to Title 24 will result in ___ of parking requiring L2 EV chargers installed.





  • Q3

    Which of the following VGI activities can not be done with existing technologies and activities?

    Manage the rate of charging of an EV in response to price signals 

    EV provides power directly to a home or building

    Provide an incentive for the driver to change charging behavior

    Manage the charge and discharge rate of an EV to provide compensation

  • Q4

    How much is the F-150 Lightning Intelligent Back-Up System?



    None of the above


  • Q5

    In order to meet California’s decarbonization goals, ___ of all space and water heating need to be electric by ___?

    75%; 2045 

    50%, 2045

    50%, 2030

    75%; 2030 

  • Q6

    A heat pump moves ___ out when you want it ___, and pumps ___ in when you want it ___.

    Heat; Warmer; Heat; Cooler

    Heat; Cooler; Heat; Warmer 

    Electricity; Cooler; Electricity; Warmer

    Ice; Cooler; Fire; Warmer 

  • Q7

    Which of the following SCE eMobility programs is still active?

    Charge Ready Transit 

    Charge Ready DC Fast Charging Pilot

    Clean Fuel Reward 

    Charge Ready Transport 

  • Q8

    What is the typical order of infrastructure assets in SCE’s “Make Order” model?

    Charging stations, transformer, service, meter, conduit and wiring, panel 

    Transformer, service, meter, panel, conduit and wiring, charging stations 

    Transformer, service, meter, conduit and wiring, panel, charging stations 

    Transformer, panel, meter, conduit and wiring, service, charging stations 


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