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2023 CIA #5 Full Review Part 2

Quiz by Angela Brazell

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11 questions
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  • Q1

    What caused Georgia to be in an economic depression earlier than other areas of the U.S.? 

    Boll Weevil and Drought 

    Overproduction of goods and products 

    Stockmarket crash of 1929

    World War I and runs on the banks 

  • Q2

    What legalized and increased public racial segregation? 

    understandings of the ideas of WEB DuBois 

    "separate but equal" decision in the Plessey case 

    anti-Semitism decision in the Leo Frank case 

    understandings of the ideas of Booker T. Washington 

  • Q3

    Helped landowners but hurt sharecroppers causing them to lose their jobs and homes during the New Deal  

    Agricultural Adjustment Act 

    Rural Electrification Act 

    Civilian Conservation Corps 

    Social Security Act 

  • Q4

    Made electricity affordable to rural areas of the U.S. during the New Deal 





  • Q5

    Helped the disabled and elderly during the New Deal 





  • Q6

    Antisemitism can be found in the ___. 

    Atlanta Race Riot 

    writings of Booker T. Washington 

    Leo Frank case 

    Plessey vs. Ferguson case 

  • Q7

    As governor of Georgia, how did Eugene Talmadge respond to New Deal programs? 

    He supported the New Deal because it brought relief to Georgians 

    He opposed the New Deal because it helped Blacks

    He did not have views either supporting or opposing the New Deal 

    He was instrumental in creating the New Deal 

  • Q8

    Which New Deal program gave young men jobs with most of their earnings being sent back to their families? 

    Rural Electrification Act 

    Social Security Act 

    Civilian Conservation Corps 

    Agricultural Adjustment Act 

  • Q9

    After World War II, growth in the ____ fields occurred in Georgia. 

    textile and agriculture 

    textile and cotton 

    agriculture and education 

    industry and technology 

  • Q10

    Known as the "Father of the Two Ocean Navy", he pushed for a strong U.S. navy for defense. 

    Carl Vinson 

    Booker T. Washington 

    Tom Watson 

    Homer Plessey 

  • Q11

    ___ violated the 14th Amendment because Blacks were not being treated as equal citizens. 

    The Leo Frank court decision 

    The 15th Amendment 

    Jim Crow laws 

    The Plessey court decision 


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