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21Q4 Intel Training Quiz

Quiz by Louis Teng

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    The 12th Gen core processor will be build with which intel Process node technology

    Intel 4

    Intel 7

    10nm SuperFin


  • Q2

    Alder Lake features new performance hybrid architecture combining what cores (multiselect (more than 1 answer)

    Gaming Core & Productivity Core

    Performance Core & Efficient Core

    Performance Core & Productivity Core

    Efficient Core & Gaming Core

  • Q3

    Microsoft Windows 11 is optimized to support intel thread director on 12th Gen core



  • Q4

    12th Gen will be supporting Both DDR5 and DDR4?



  • Q5

    Which is NOT the feature of Intel EVO certified Laptop?

    More than 2.5kg

    Instant wake from sleep less than 1 second

    9 hours or more battery life

    Fast charging with Thunderbolt 4 Port

  • Q6

    What Intel® technology presents next generation SINGLE CABLE connectivity for data transfer, device charging, and video hookup?

    Hybrid Octane

    Thunderbolt 4 Ports

    6GHz Intel Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+)

    Intel Speed Optimizer

  • Q7

    What Technology adds 6GHz channels to free the connection from congested legacy bands?

    Thunderbolt4 Adapter

    Intel Adaptix technology

    Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6E

    Intel Iris Plus Graphics

  • Q8

    11thv Gen Intel® Core™ H-series processors feature up to ______ cores and ______threads.



    8, 16


  • Q9

    Which is NOT the feature for Thunderbolt 4 Port?

    Able to connect up to TWO 4K monitors / SINGLE 8K Monitor

    Allow user to connect Bluetooth Mouse

    Allow user to charge the laptop

    Connect to External SSD/HDD & LAN Cable

  • Q10

    'Alder Lake' is which generation of Intel Processor?

    12th Gen

    10th Gen

    11th Gen

    9th Gen


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