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21st Literature M3 Diagnostic Assessment

Quiz by Jacquis Cerda

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    What point of view is used when the narrator uses I and is a part of, or recollecting events in the story?

    c. Third person

    d. Either second or third person

    a. First person

    b. Second Person

  • Q2

    What is the part of the plot where the action subsides from the climax and issues get disentangled?

    c. Exposition

    b. Denouement

    d. Falling Action

    a. Climax

  • Q3

    What is it that pertains to the parts of a text preceding and following a passage, giving it fuller meaning that if it were read by itself?

    d. Text

    a. Context

    c. Point of view

    b. Local color

  • Q4

    What do you call the qualities of the character that involve physical attributes, get-up, and mannerisms?

    d. Internal qualities

    c. Intelligence

    a. Behavior

    b. External qualities

  • Q5

    What is the part of the story where it concludes in view of a transformation or insight from the character, or for the reader?

    a. Conflict

    c. Resolution

    b. Dialogues

    d. Rising action


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