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'22 Roaring Twenties Review

Quiz by Krista Ford

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39 questions
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  • Q1

    Warren Harding's "Return to Normalcy" promised - 

    Question Image

    Improve economic growth by promoting immigration. 

    Use diplomacy to establish alliances. 

    Refuse to allow the continuation of laissez-faire. 

    To help the country recover from World War I. 

  • Q2

    What did the 21st Amendment state?

    Question Image

    This amendment ended prohibition. 

    This amendment outlawed the manufacture of alcohol. 

    This amendment limited immigration. 

    This amendment outlawed the advertisement of alcohol. 

  • Q3

    The establishment of speakeasies was a consequence of which government action?

    Question Image

    Prohibition of our 1st Amendment rights. 

    Prohibition of the sale of alcoholic beverages. 

    Deportation of suspected communist sympathizers. 

    Implementation of immigration restrictions. 

  • Q4

    Who was the Chicago gangster that made millions in bootlegging?

    Question Image

    Louis Armstrong. 

    Charlie Chaplin. 

    Babe Ruth. 

    Al Capone. 

  • Q5

    What was a major influence on the popularity of the flapper during the 1920s?

    Question Image

    An increase in the use of credit and installment plans. 

    A decline in the number of women working in urban factories. 

    A decrease in crime associated with prohibition. 

    A shift away from the traditional role of women. 

  • Q6

    During the 1920s, what was one result of the innovation in US transportation technology?

    Question Image

    Mass-produced cars made travel much more affordable. 

    Cable cars provided a comfortable means of quick travel. 

    Container ships delivered agricultural goods to ports. 

    Commercial airplanes replaced ocean liners. 

  • Q7

    The Roaring Twenties were characterized by - 

    Question Image

    Brinkmanship, Vietnam War, McCarthyism and containment. 

    Internment camps, the rationing of goods and the atomic bombs. 

    Economic prosperity, prohibition, flappers and installment plans. 

    Bank failures, the creation of the New Deal and bread lines. 

  • Q8

    The Scopes Trial of 1925 illustrated the - 

    Question Image

    Desire for new voting rights laws. 

    Need for better private schools. 

    Conflict between religion and evolution. 

    Effects of the Red Scare on legal system. 

  • Q9

    What type of music became a new trend during this time in the 1920s?

    Question Image


    Rock and Roll. 



  • Q10

    What system allowed for mass production, the idea of products being created at a much faster pace?

    Question Image

    Assembly Line. 

    Ford System. 

    Mass Production. 

    Mass Media. 

  • Q11

    This 1924 cartoon shows a scandal that led to - 

    Question Image

    Widespread anger over excessive partisan politics. 

    Public frustration with government neglect of the working class. 

    Widespread dissatisfaction with a lack of economic development. 

    Public disappointment over revelations of government corruption. 

  • Q12

    What was Charles Lindbergh famous for?

    Question Image

    He was involved in Scopes Trial. 

    He was the 1st to make a non-stop trans-Atlantic flight. 

    He served in the US Navy. 

    He was a US Senator. 

  • Q13

    The social impact of the Red Scare was characterized by - 

    Question Image

    Spread of Communism. 

    Anti-Immigrant Sentiment. 

    Yellow Journalism. 

    Stock Market Crash. 

  • Q14

    The "Harlem Renaissance" refers to the - 

    Question Image

    Artistic style of the 1st settlers in New York. 

    Rise of Hispanic culture in New York in the 1920s. 

    Revival of African American pride and culture in the 1920s. 

    African American soldiers that served during World War I. 

  • Q15

    What was the primary goal of the Palmer Raids?

    Question Image

    To block civil rights advocates from staging protests. 

    To suppress the teaching of evolution in colleges. 

    To halt the spread of communist ideas. 

    To prevent workers from joining labor organizations. 


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