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2/28 Practice and Review

Quiz by Piper Huckelbury

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  • Q1
    (3.12) 1. The author included paragraph 1 most likely to....
    Question Image
    share an opinion about their unlikely friendhip
    give reasons why Bubbles and Bella are friends
    explain that not all hunters are nice people
    describe the life Bubbles arrived at the safari from
  • Q2
    (3.12) 2. The author wrote this article mainly to....
    Question Image
    provide readers with information on how animals can become friends
    show readers that friendships can be completely diverse
    inform readers of poachers in Africa
    tell about a dog being abandoned
  • Q3
    (3.16) 1. The picture is most likely included with the passage to support the idea that
    Question Image
    Seals also depend on the polar ice forms
    with the continuation of global warming, the polar ice forms separate
    hunting is decreasing due to global warming in the Arctic
    polar bears are suffering without polar ice forms
  • Q4
    (3.13a) 1. This passage is mostly about
    Question Image
    using tools to fix a bike
    what to do to keep your bike from getting dirty
    where it is best to ride a bike
    keeping a bike in good working order
  • Q5
    (3.13a) 2. Which detail below is important to the main idea of the passage?
    Question Image
    Ride your bike around the neighborhood
    A bike lasts a long time
    Ride with both hands and feet on the bike
    A clean bike helps keep the rider safe
  • Q6
    (F19D) 1. The reader can tell from information found in this passage that
    Question Image
    bats eat plants
    deserts get cool at night
    snakes live in holes
    deserts have water
  • Q7
    (F19D) 2. The reader can tell from this passage that
    Question Image
    snakes are the deadliest animals in the desert
    birds eat lizards
    mountain lions are at the top of the food chain
    birds are awake at night but choose not to come out

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