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2.3 How Kids Can Resist Advertising and Be Smart Consumers

Quiz by Janette Salinas

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15 questions
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  • Q1

    According to the text, what is the best defense against advertiser tricks? 

    Helping kids make better friends in real life

    Teaching kids to figure out the real messages 

    Scaring kids away from buying things that are new

    Warning kids to never believe anything they read 

  • Q2

    What is the first paragraph mostly about? 

    How advertisers have adapted to digital media 

    How many of today’s ads look like ads long ago

    How many people are bored of ads

    How marketers steal our data

  • Q3

    What does the second paragraph make clear?

    How advertising hurts children

    How advertising has not changed 

    How advertising has changed

    How advertising uses digital media

  • Q4

    What does “expanding a product’s target age” mean?

    Getting older or younger children to buy something

     Convincing only younger children to buy a product

  • Q5

    What does the phrase “multi-platform approach” mean? 

    When you see ads only on a big screen

    When you see ads both on tv and in movies and games

  • Q6

    Why does the author say that marketers have to adapt to “jaded and fickle viewers”? 

    People have seen many ads already 

    There are no new products for people to buy

  • Q7

    What does “marketers” likely mean?

    Someone who thinks up new ideas to sell a product

    Someone who works in a marketplace

    Someone who buys a product

     Someone who sells a product 

  • Q8

    Complete the sentence:

    What is brand loyalty?  When you have p_______________ feelings towards a brand and continue buying from them.

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  • Q9

    What is the author implying when he says the brands are getting “stealthier”?

    The word "stealthy" has a neutral connotation so he's implying brands come up with many ways to ask consumers for help.

    The word "stealthy" has a positive connotation so he's implying brands come up with many ways to help consumers.

    The word "stealthy" means "sneaky" so he's implying they are coming up with secretive ways to get you to buy things. 

  • Q10

    Why does the author say kids are “vulnerable”?

    He uses the word vulnerable because he believes kids are not smart enough to understand marketers' sneaky methods.

    He uses the word vulnerable because he believes not all kids are aware of marketers' sneaky methods.

  • Q11

    What can be the results of wanting more things?

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  • Q12

    What does the author mean when she says “demystify?

    She means literally to clear the mist

    She means figuratively to clear up misunderstandings

  • Q13

    What do advertisers want in exchange for freebies?

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  • Q14

    How do advertisers use location-based apps?

    They send you ads for things around you to encourage you to buy

    They send you ads for things that are popular with people your age

  • Q15

    What does it mean to question everything you see online?

    To wonder if something was written correctly

    To ask questions about who, where, and most importantly why, something written

    To ask the author of a text or image questions


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