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2.5 Wonders Figurative Language

Quiz by Cynthia Dietrich

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7 questions
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  • Q1

    What does "slept like a log in the winter time" mean?

    To fall into a very deep sleep.

    To have a terrible night's sleep.

    To sleep on a hard bed.

  • Q2

    The prefix un means not. Uncovered means not covered. Which word uses the prefix un the same way it is used in uncovered?





  • Q3

    What is a good summary for the story The Long Walk?

    The footbridge will save on gas for the buses because it would shorten the bus route.

    The track coach thought Jed was a fast runner and wanted Jed to join the team, but  Jed couldn't make it to practice.

    Jed could not join the track team because the walk to school was too long. He started a petition  to build a footbridge that would allow students to cross the railroad track. Jed presented his idea to the county office and they voted yes. The footbridge was built and now Jed can join the track team next year.

    Jed started a petition to have a footbridge built. He got a lot of signatures showing support.

  • Q4

    The suffix less means without. What does the word sleepless mean.

    not sleeping

    staying up too late

    sleeping too much

    without activity

  • Q5

    What is the chairperson’s point of view about Jed?

    She thinks he is a persuasive speaker.  She tells the meeting that he has done a good job showing that the community would benefit from a bridge.

    She believes that Jed is wasting everyone's time with his footbridge idea.

    She thinks that Jed is a very good athlete.

  • Q6

    Which two word are the most opposite in meaning?

    dirty, messy

    kind, nice

    clean, neat

    harm, help

  • Q7

    Read this: I was so filled with happiness that my heart swelled up like a puffy cloud. What mood is the author of this sentence trying to make with the phrase my heart swelled up like a puffy cloud?






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