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26.5 Science Bell Ringer 26.5

Quiz by Dawn Tate

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    According to the data collected, which of the following is the BEST conclusion?
    Question Image
    The rainfall amounts for November were lower than expected.
    December rainfall amounts were made of snow.
    October was the driest of the four months.
    The rainfall amounts for September were too high.
  • Q2
    A student is planning an experiment to find out what time of day is the warmest. Which set of tools is the student MOST LIKELY to use in this experiment?
    balance and microscope
    thermometer and watch
    ruler and camera
    hand lens and telescope
  • Q3
    Based on the information on the chart, which weather condition shows the numbers decreasing each day?
    Question Image
    High temperature
    Wind speed
    Low temperature
  • Q4
    Which of the following processes in the water cycle is a direct result of the Sun's energy?
    Water flows through streams and rivers to collect into lakes and oceans.
    Precipitation falls from clouds when they become too heavy.
    Water evaporates from lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans and forms water vapor.
    Clouds form from condensation that occurs when water vapor in the atmosphere cools.
  • Q5
    Today the clouds are all cumulus clouds with some dark thunderheads reaching high in the sky. You could predict that —
    There is a hurricane headed toward your area.
    The sun will come out and it will be a pleasant day.
    A blizzard is expected in the next few hours.
    It will be a rainy and possibly stormy day.
  • Q6
    Which process of the water cycle is shown below?
    Question Image
  • Q7
    Which would most likely cause the outdoor temperature to become slightly warmer?
    Increasing cloud cover
    The Sun setting in the evening
    Decreasing cloud cover
    A brief rain shower
  • Q8
    Which step of the water cycle describes condensation?
    Water runs off into lakes
    The Sun heats up the lake and makes water vapor
    Water falls to the Earth as rain
    The water vapor cools to form a cloud in the sky
  • Q9
    How many degrees Celsius did the high temperature increase in the city that had the greatest change in high temperature?
    Question Image
    3 degrees
    0 degrees
    1 degree
    5 degrees
  • Q10
    When water evaporates from the ocean, the amount of water in the air —
    stays the same

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