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2.8 More Companies Market Directly to Kids

Quiz by Janette Salinas

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15 questions
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  • Q1

    What is a "focus group"?

    a large demographic

    a pizza party

    a sample of a population

    a group of kids

  • Q2

    What is a "market research group"?

    a group that investigates what children like

    a group who studies marketing at universities and schools

    a group that helps companies understand their target markets

    a group that motivates researchers to find new markets

  • Q3

    According to paragraph 4, what are most children NOT concerned with?

    Getting served quickly in restaurants and having nice seats

    Having high brows and chocolates everywhere they go

    Entertainment when traveling

    Clean and comfortable hotel rooms

  • Q4

    What does the phrase "a decade away from buying their own cars" indicate about the children in the focus group?

    they probably need to save up enough money to buy a car

    they will definitely buy a car in ten years

    they are too young to buy a car

  • Q5

    What does the phrase "brand awareness is keen" mean in the context of paragraph 7?

    the children know many brands

    children love many brands

    adults make children aware of many brands

    the pre-teens are loyal to many brands

  • Q6

    What does the phrase "markets are motivated by research" indicate about markets?

    Markets decide who they market to according to research 

    Markets find motivation to keep selling to researchers

  • Q7

    Associating an item with a brand is an example of...

    brand appearance

    brand association

    brand availability

    brand awareness

  • Q8

    What does "generic" mean, as used in the text?

    generally good


    without a brand


  • Q9

    Why are companies eager to expose their logos to as many young people as possible?

    to encourage market research

    to stick with them for a long time

    to allow them to play with toys

    to build loyalty

  • Q10

    Why does the text say that "kids have more market potential than any other group"?

    they only spend money on videogames and toys

    they restrict how their parents spend their money

    they participate in the choice of family vacation spot

    they will grow up and become consumers

  • Q11

    What is a retailer?

    someone who sells to businesses

    someone who sells directly to consumers

  • Q12

    What do educators gain from free field trips?

    they invest in education and future customers

    children will learn in a hands-on environment

    teachers and parents will be loyal to the brand

    they expand the locations where they have branches

  • Q13

    What do businesses gain from providing free field trips?

    teachers and parents will be loyal to the brand

    they invest in education and future customers

    children will learn in a hands-on environment

    they expand the locations where they have branches

  • Q14

    What is the most likely audience for this text?




    general public

  • Q15

    What purpose was this text written with?

    informing the public about the potential of youngsters

    inspiring the public to visit more companies and 

    convincing the public to stop advertising to young people

    encouraging the public to invest in more field-trips for students


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