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2nd batch: Types of Hydropower System

Quiz by Shirley Anak Rufus

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  • Q1
    Hydroelectric power plant can be classified into various types of hydro schemes, EXCEPT
    Hydrological relation
    Facility types
    Grid system
    Water flow
  • Q2
    A hydropower plant is successfully built by Company XYZ, to serve a small population at Kampung ABC. Kampung ABC is located far away from the grid. The hydropower plant is designed based on the available water flow and water volume at the nearby stream by installing a small Francis turbine rated 15 kW. This hydropower plant is refer to
    Pico hydropower plant
    Small hydropower plant
    Medium hydropower plant
    Micro hydropower plant
  • Q3
    Bakun hydropower plant which located at Balui River, Sarawak Malaysia has 8 Francis turbines installed and each turbine has rated 300MW. Total capacity of Bakun hydropower plant is
    600 MW
    240 MW
    944 MW
    2,400 MW
  • Q4
    World largest hydropower dam is
    Aswan Dam at Nile River, Egypt
    Three Gorges Dam at Yangtze River, China
    Guri Dam at Caroni River, Venezuela
    Bakun hydropower Dam at Balui River, Sarawak Malaysia
  • Q5
    ‘Benefits of this facility are the hydropower plant do not require reservoir for retaining the water to create hydraulic head since it channels a portion of a river through a water conductor system and fully utilized the current of a river to produce the electricity. ’ This statement is best described
    In-stream facility
    Pump storage facility
    Impoundment facility
    Run-of-river facility
  • Q6
    Advantages of using Pump Storage type hydropower plant are as below, EXCEPT
    Pumps up water during low demand.
    Net energy production.
    Generates power during peak demand.
    Flood control and farm water supply.
  • Q7
    A hydropower plant is called as on-grid system if the hydropower plant is
    Set up to meet the demands of areas and connected through the grid system.
    Set up to meet the small community demands and connected through transmission system.
    Set up for a small community and power generation purpose only.
    Set up in series where run-of discharge of one hydropower plant is used as a intake discharge of the second hydropower plant.
  • Q8
    ‘Power generation may be one of the benefits along with flood control or fisheries, irrigation, water drinking supply etc.’ This statement is referred to
    Single stage hydropower plant.
    Single purpose hydropower plant.
    Cascade system hydropower plant.
    Multi-purpose hydropower plant.
  • Q9
    - Minimal impact on the environment - No reservoir required - Utilized the natural flow of the river - Use tidal flows or rivers with a head of 66 feet or less to produce energy Above statements is best describes
    Medium head hydropower plant.
    Multi-head hydropower plant
    Low head hydropower plant.
    High head hydropower plant.
  • Q10
    It is easily recognized by its dam which serves two main purposes. First, it creates water pressure at the bottom of the dam to power the turbine to generate electricity. Second, it provides reserves water capacity to generate more electricity during peak demand periods. This statement is referred to hydroelectric power plant with
    Pump storage facility.
    Impoundment facility.
    In-stream facility.
    Run-of-river facility.

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