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2nd Periodic Exam - Web Dev

Quiz by CID Marikina

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50 questions
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  • Q1

    Which tag is used for images?

    < alt >

    < img >

    < name >

    < src >

  • Q2

    Which idea best describes the importance of using src attribute?

    It complements the < img > tag

     It indicates the file name, format and where the image will come from

    It tells the format of the image to be used

    It provides the image to be inserted

  • Q3

    If you want to use a specific image as a background for your page? What will be the attribute to be used?





  • Q4

    Which of the following is the correct code for a page with a PNG background image with a file name beach3?

    < body bgcolor=“beach3.png></body >

    < body background=“img src beach3.png></body >

    < body background=“beach3.png”></body >

    < body bgcolor=“src beach3.png></body >

  • Q5

    How are you going to insert an alternative text that appears when the mouse hovers the image when the image cannot be displayed?

    By using alt attribute then followed by a value with any text you want to appear

    By indicating lowsrc attribute.

    By giving a name to an image using name attribute

    By using src attribute to indicate the image

  • Q6

    Image plays a vital role in a website. Which idea shows the correct element to be used when inserting an image to a web page, if the image to be used is saved in a different folder?

    < img background=“filename.fileextension name”></img >

    < img src=“filename.fileextension name” ></img >

    < img src=“fodername/filename.fileextension name” >

    < img background=“fodername/filename.fileextension name” >

  • Q7

    What tool will you used if you want to arrange and organize the contents of your webpage in columns and rows?





  • Q8

    You are using a table in your web page. In what case will you use the NOWRAP value for the WRAP attribute?

    When you want to inhibit the word wrapping in a cell

     When you want to wrap the text in each cell

     When 2 or more cells will be combined to fit the content

    When the cell is too narrow for the content

  • Q9

    Ana is arranging the content of her webpage using table. However, she inserted 2 table data in the first row and 3table data in the second row. She used rowspan to merge cells. Is Ana’s action, correct?

    Yes, because rowspan can be used to merge multiple table data in a row

    Yes, because she is combining 2 cells in a row

    No, she should use leave the table as is

    No, she should use colspan because she is merging 2 table data which is equivalent to 2 columns

  • Q10

    What is the easiest way to create a table with cells that are apart from each other?

     Use cellpadding attribute

     Use cellspacing attribute

     Use margin attribute

    Use align attribute

  • Q11

    What is the best way to create equal number of cells per row?

    Make sure to insert equal content on each cell

    Merge cells that need to be combined

    Delete cells with no data or content

    Add background color to cells with no content

  • Q12

    Which table attributes indicates the distance between the contents of the cells and border around it in pixels?





  • Q13

    What will be the correct code for a table with 2 rows, wherein the first row has 2 cells and the second row has 3cells?

    Answer Image
    Answer Image
    Answer Image
    Answer Image
  • Q14

    Which of the following is the correct code for adding background color to table rows?

    < tr bgcolor=”value”><</tr >

     < tr background=”value”></tr >

     < td color=”value”></td >

    < tdbgcolor=”value”></td >

  • Q15

    How will you add a title “NAME” to a table?

    < table><th>Names</th></table >

    < caption>Names</caption >

    < table><title>Names</title></table >

    < table><caption>Names</caption></table >


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