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2nd Quarter Formative Test in Grade 7 BNHS

Quiz by CID Office SDO Balanga

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42 questions
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  • Q1

    "America's Favorite" is a favorite tagline of a make-up brand, Maybelline, asserting that their items are among the most favorite of all Americans. What propaganda technique did they use?



    plain folks 


  • Q2

    Pepsi Co has been endorsed by a lot of celebrities including the famous singer Beyonce. What propaganda technique is being used by this company?


    plain folks



  • Q3
  • Q4
  • Q5

    Find the product using FOIL method: (x+3)(x – 5)





  • Q6
  • Q7

    Which of the following differentiates asexual reproduction from sexual reproduction?

    Asexual Reproduction undergoes fertilization while sexual reproduction undergoes budding

    Asexual reproduction requires gametes while sexual reproduction requires body parts

    Asexual reproduction produces offspring which is different from the parent while sexual reproduction produces offspring identical to the parent

    Asexual reproduction does not require gametes while sexual reproduction requires union of gametes

  • Q8

    In binary fission how does the DNA of the daughter cells compare to the DNA of the parent cells?

    It is only half of the amount of DNA found in the parent

    It is the mix of the parent’s DNA

    It is identical

    It has the same similarities and some differences

  • Q9

    Which of the following lists the correct order for the five levels of organization in the human body, from most to least complex?

    Cell → Organ → Tissue → Organ System → Organism

    Organism → Organ System → Tissue → Organ → Cell

    Cell → Tissue → Organ → Organ System → Organism

    Organism → Organ System → Organ → Tissue → Cell

  • Q10

    Which of the following statements is true?

    Groups of organs working together are called cells

    Groups of tissues working together are called organ systems

    Groups of organs working together are called organisms

    Groups of cells working together are called tissues

  • Q11

    A plant needs water, radiant energy, minerals and carbon dioxide. This statement shows that an organism depends on which of the following?

    Essential nutrients


    Abiotic component

    Biotic component

  • Q12

    An ecosystem is a region where different species of plants, animals, and other organisms coexist in harmony with the environment, including the climate and geography. Its components are classified into biotic and abiotic. Which of the following best describe a biotic factor?

    Landforms and waterfalls

    Non-living parts of an ecosystem

    Earth's weather and climate

    Living organisms in an ecosystem

  • Q13

    Saan nagkakapanytay-pantay ang mga tao?

    Sa pagmamahal ng kani-kanilang pamilya

    Sa  kanilang dignidad bilang tao at ang Karapatan na dumadaloy mula rito

    Sa pagdating ng huling yugto ng kaniyang buhay sa daigdig

    Sa paningin ng Diyos at ng lipunan

  • Q14

    Nagsisisi ako dahil nagawa ko ang masama na hindi ko dapat ginawa. Ano ang kahulugan ng pangungusap na ito?

    Ang tao ay may tungkuling iwasan ang tukso sa paligid

    Nagsisisi ang gtao kapag ginagawa niya ang hindi dapat

    Hindi dapat magsisisi ang gumagawa ng masama dahil Kalayaan niya kito.

    Tungkulin ng tao ang umiwas sa gawaing masama dahil Kalayaan natin ito.

  • Q15

    Alin sa mga sumusunod ang tumutukoy sa batayang salik sa pagkakaroon ng 


    Pamahalaan, relihiyon, tradisyon, populasyon

    Pamahalaan, relihiyon, sining, arkitektura at pagsulat

    Pamahalaan, teknolohiya, kultura, sistema ng pagsulat, sistema ng paniniwala, economic specialization, social stratification

    Organisado at sentralisadong pamahalaan, relihiyon, uri ng panlipunan, sining, arkitektura at pagsulat


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