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Quiz by Alvin Cipriano

Grade 10
Philippines Curriculum: Grades K-10 (MELC)

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Measures 2 skills from
Grade 10
Philippines Curriculum: Grades K-10 (MELC)

EN10SS -IVe -2.3
EN10V -IVa -30

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15 questions
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  • Q1

    What must be the purpose of the Love Yourself Advocacy based on the advocacy founder’s statement?

    Question Image

    To emphasize a negative approach towards HIV awareness.

    To love and protect oneself in order to avoid HIV.

    To provide support and stop the spread of HIV.

    To limit the people engaging in relationships to impact HIV status.

    EN10SS -IVe -2.3
  • Q2

    What type of advocacy is the example above?

    Question Image

    Self Advocacy

    Mental Advocacy

    Mass Advocacy

    Health advocacy

  • Q3

    What do you call the underlined words in the text?

    Question Image





  • Q4

    What is the stand of the writer based on the given text?

    Question Image

    Sex is best not discussed.

    Sex should not be talked about especially among young people.

    Sex is best discussed only among adults.

    Sex should be discussed to prevent the rise of minors contracting HIV/ AIDS.

  • Q5

    What type of statement is this:

    "Tiktok is a much cooler social media platform than Facebook."





  • Q6

    Assertion is commonly referred to as stereotypes. Which of the following statements is an example of a stereotype?

    Most religions allow only the males to be the leaders

    Schools across the country advocate gender equality

    Woman deserve the same opportunities that are given to men

    All boys are more open-minded than girls.

  • Q7

    Under what category of opinion of statement does the following statement belong to:

    “Online selling has become a very viable source of income nowadays.”

    Statement of Policy

    Statement of Truth

    Statement of Preference

    Statement of Value

  • Q8

    An argument presents logical reasons and evidence to support a viewpoint. What type of the claim is the statement:

    "The oldest known disease in the world is leprosy."

    Claim of Policy

    Claim of Fact

    Claim of Argument

    Claim of Value

  • Q9

    What does a claim in a persuasive or argumentative writing mean?

    a requirement to comply with.

    a right to something

    an opinion or assertion to be proven or explained

    a demand for something believed to be  true.

  • Q10

    What kind of statement is this:

    "Global warming is the most important issue confronting the globe today."





  • Q11

    Which of the following introductions can be best used to begin a talk?

    "The internet is a powerful tool not only for communication but also for self- expression."

    "A blog is a form of an online diary/ journal."

    "It is through blogs and blogging that people can reach out to others and express themselves freely."

    "How do you often share your feelings/ insights nowadays?"

  • Q12

    Which is NOT an example of impromptu speaking ?

    Giving out your answer to an unexpected question of the teacher

    Expressing your emotions in a birthday speech

    Answering job interview questions for the purpose of applying for a job

    Presenting your platform as one of the aspiring SSC presidents

  • Q13

    What multi-modal elements are present in the text above?

    Question Image

    Voice and gestures

    Words, voice, pictures, gestures and video

    Words and voice

    Words, gestures and pictures

  • Q14

    What does it mean when we say, “The language of research is objective.”?

    You should include your own opinion.

    You should focus more on the acts than on the persons doing the activity

    You should not use the pronouns, I, we, you, me, my, and us.

    You should avoid the use of contractions.

    EN10V -IVa -30
  • Q15

    What language characteristic of a campaign and advocacy is being described in this scenario? 

    “The candidate for President presented his party platform as if he was speaking with his very own family and relatives.”

    The language is evaluative.

    The language is personal.

    The language gives commands, advice or suggestions.

    The language is casual and conversational.


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