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2nd Semester Interim Review

Quiz by Dr. Mike Krolak

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19 questions
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  • Q1
    Which country has a similar government to North Korea?
    South Korea
  • Q2
    What isolated China from the rest of the world?
    Geographic Features
  • Q3
    How are the governments of India and Japan alike?
    They are both Dictatorships.
    They are both Communist.
    They both have democracies.
    They both have Constitutional Monarchies.
  • Q4
    What did the U.S. do after they bombed Japan?
    Allowed the Communists to take over.
    Made Japan a colony of the U.S.
    Left Japan alone.
    Helped rebuild Japan.
  • Q5
    Why do most Chinese NOT live in Northwest China?
    It is too wet and is close to the Yellow Sea.
    It is too hot and close to the Sahara Desert.
    It is too dry and is close to the Taklimakan & Gobi Deserts.
    It has too much fertile area and is close to the Himalayan Mountains.
  • Q6
    What type of farming do many Chinese farmers use?
    Slash and Burn.
    Terrace farming.
    River Farming.
    Desert Farming.
  • Q7
    In a Parliamentary Democracy who chooses the Prime Minister?
    Judicial Branch.
    the citizens.
    Executive Branch.
    the Legislative Branch.
  • Q8
    What describes the theory that if one communist nation is created then neighboring countries would fall to communism.
    Domino Theory
    Papa John's Theory
    Communist Theory
    String Theory
  • Q9
    What did the U.S. do to the Japanese emperor after the end of WWII.
    Imprisoned the emperor and mad Japan a U.S. colony.
    Executed the emperor and left Japan.
    Let the emperor continue his reign and left Japan to be rebuilt by China.
    Took his power and helped Japan rebuild.
  • Q10
    Why were the protesters in Tiananmen Square killed?
    The students wanted more food.
    The students wanted better education.
    The students wanted more freedoms from the government.
    The students wanted to overthrow the government.
  • Q11
    Mao Zedong set up communes during the Great Leap Forward.
    True, this was a change Mao made at the emperor's request.
    False, Deng Xiaoping set up communes.
    True, this was a change that Mao made.
    False, Mao set up a democratic system for China.
  • Q12
    GDP increase when
    workers are trained to do more complicated jobs.
    workers elect a new government.
    workers take long vacations.
    workers do what they want.
  • Q13
    Which country has an emperor with limited power?
    North Korea
  • Q14
    How do the people of Japan adapt to the mountainous geography of their country?
    Most live in one of the major cities and sell souvenirs to tourists.
    Most live along Japan's coastal plain.
    Most live in the mountains and become terrace farmers.
    Most live in the boats just off Japan's coast and are fishermen.
  • Q15
    Which is a trade barrier?

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