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2nd Six Weeks Review

Quiz by Kendra Young

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  • Q1
    Which of the following is an example that includes evidence of a chemical change?
    Sugar that is burned gives off an odor and turns brown and then black.
    A sample of zinc is placed in water and it settles to the bottom.
    A sample of a mineral is broken down into smaller pieces.
    A solid block of ice is heated, and it completely melts into a liquid.
  • Q2
    The image shows what happens when cold medicine tablets are placed in room-temperature water. What evidence would indicate that a chemical change has occurred?
    The water level increases slightly.
    The water becomes cloudy.
    The tablets dissolve in water.
    Bubbles are given off.
  • Q3
    A physical change can be distinguished from a chemical change because this happens in a physical change:
    The properties of the substance may change, but no new substances are produced.
    A new substance is produced, but the new substance has properties identical to the original substance.
    An entirely new substance with new properties forms as a result of the change.
    The properties of the substance change for only a short time but will return to their original state.
  • Q4
    Four mixtures are made by combining two clear liquids, and observations are made. Which mixture demonstrates that a chemical change has occurred?
    Mixture 3: The mixture of the two liquids takes the shape of the container.
    Mixture 1: The combined liquids have a greater mass than either of the starting liquids.
    Mixture 4: The denser of the two liquids lies below the other, less dense liquid.
    Mixture 2: The liquids, when mixed, produce a white solid, which settles to the bottom.
  • Q5
    A change in the internal pressure against the cell walls is used by plants for which of the following?
  • Q6
    Turgor pressure can help plants move. Internal water pressure can cause -
    the roots of a plant to grow downward.
    a seedling to be carried by the wind.
    leaves to fall off a tree in the autumn.
    a wilted stem to return to an upright position.
  • Q7
    Geotropism is a force that affects certain organisms. This force will result in which of the following?
    Fish to float to the surface when they die
    Animals to seek shelter on high ground
    A flower to die due to lack of water
    The roots of a plant to grow downward
  • Q8
    Gravity and other forces affect movement within an animal’s body. Which system is responsible for the force that moves blood through the body?
    Endocrine system
    Nervous system
    Skeletal system
    Circulatory system
  • Q9
    Turgor pressure helps a seed in which of the following ways?
    Acquiring nutrients it needs from the soil
    Providing it energy without sunlight
    Pushing its way out of the seed coat
    Conserving water until its roots grow
  • Q10
    The roots of plants grown on the space shuttle while in orbit around Earth all have different orientations. A logical conclusion is that the irregular root growth is caused by the lack of -
  • Q11
    The digestive system’s main function is to -
    protect the body against infectious diseases
    break down food to be absorbed in the bloodstream.
    support and protect the body’s organs.
    store nutrients until they are absorbed into the bones.
  • Q12
    The endocrine system is responsible for communication in the body using -
    chemical hormones.
    electrical signals
    digestive enzymes
    soluble gases
  • Q13
    Which body system forms a protective barrier between the external environment and the internal body systems?
    Respiratory system
    Endocrine system
    Circulatory system
    Integumentary system
  • Q14
    Which body system is responsible for rapidly communicating information inside the body using electrical impulses?
    Endocrine system
    Nervous system
    Skeletal system
    Integumentary system
  • Q15
    The main function of which of these body systems is to create the movement a swimmer needs to swim across a swimming pool?
    Excretory system
    Circulatory system
    Muscular system
    Digestive system

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