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2nde DNL. The Atlantic Opening. The world at a glance

Quiz by Laurenn MAINGUY

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  • Q1
    After the arrival of the Spanish, what happened to the people in South and Central America?
    They were conquered and dominated (subjugated) by the colonists, they were slaughtered and their civilizations were destroyed, They were turned into slaves and wiped out by disease and ill-use and abuses.
    They discovered modernity and therefore their culture and civilization prospered (flourished)
    They were happy to learn how to lace their shoes
  • Q2
    What is the main consequence of the discovery of new routes and the exploitation of the lands discovered? All the maps had to be changed.
    Continents were separated from any direct contact with each other.
    Trade on a world scale and creations of links between populations. It’s the first globalization of the world.
  • Q3
    What did the colonists do after taking over the power in Latin America?
    They dance, sing and eat
    They help the natives build new plantations, mines and cities
    They brought in slaves (as it was said in the part on Africa, since 1502, Africa was also feeding the slave trade)
    They smoke tobacco and drink plenty of hot chocolate
  • Q4
    What were the goals of the colonists?
    Earn money (gold) and glory
    Escape their wives
    Have a good laugh
  • Q5
    What is the explanation given here (in the text) for the birth of the Renaissance movement?
    Greek scholars fled from the fall of Constantinople and brought with them the knowledge of ancient Greece and Rome.
    People’s sins (a sin = un péché) were so deep that they needed a rebirth
    Chinese scholars were happily welcomed
  • Q6
    How would you translate « past their peak » ?
    A dépassé son apogée et donc déjà sur son déclin
    Un passé qui pique
    une pique qui passe pas
  • Q7
    « Colonies were not properly started until the 17th century ». Can you name the ones who formed the first permanent settlement of Europeans in New England.
    It’s the Pilgrim Kids
    It’s the Pilgrim Mothers
    It’s the Pilgrim Fathers.
    It’s the Pills Grim Fathers.

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