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Quiz by Hazel May Delos Reyes

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40 questions
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  • Q1

    Which of the following is an example of aLatin-American music?

    C. folk

    B. rock and roll

    D. bossa nova

    A. standard   

  • Q2

    It is a combination of Anglo-American and Afro-Americanstyles from the 19th century that deals with the anti-heroes resistingauthority.

    C. Jazz Ballad                                                       

    A. Rock Ballad

    B. Pop Standard     

    D. Blues Ballad

  • Q3

    It is a genre of the late 19th and early 20thcentury originated from African-American communities of New Orleanscharacterized by a heavy improvisation, polyrhythms, syncopation, and swingnote.

    B. Soul

    C. Rhythm and Blues                                             

    D. Jazz

    A. Funk

  • Q4

    It is a stylized, highly rhythmic type of musicthat sometimes includes portions of rhythmically chanted words called “rap.”

    B. Rhythm and Blues

    D. Hip Hop

    A. Disco

    C. Alternative Rock                                     

  • Q5

    Frank Sinatra was also known as the followingEXCEPT:

    D. King of Pop

    A. Chairman of the Board

    C. The Voice                                                           

    B. Ol Blue Eyes

  • Q6

    It refers to rock music that is more danceable andled to the establishment of different venues for public dancing.

    C. Rock and Roll                                          

    A. Ballad       

    B. Standard

    D. Disco

  • Q7

    How does the early music of Africa beingtransmitted or taught from generation to generations?

    A. musical sheet

    C. transcribed in books

    D. orally

    B. taught at school

  • Q8

    Which of the following is NOT a characteristicof soul music?

    A. Call and response

    B. Use of improvisations, twirls, and auxiliarysounds

    C. Strong beat and emphasis on singing 

    D. High pitch sound and melody

  • Q9

    What is the primary purpose of TraditionalAfrican Music

    B. Promoting Culture

    C. Ceremonial Rites 

    D. Recreation

    A. Political/Social Issues   

  • Q10

    Which of the following is NOT a performer of popstandard and jazz ballads?

    C. Irving Berlin 

    D. Don Mclean

    B. Duke Ellington   

    A. George Gershwin

  • Q11

    Imaging videos are extremely valuable in the fields of____________.  

    C. medicine and science

    D. recreation

    B. painting

    A. drawing

  • Q12

     All are notable digital photographers except:

    D. George Tapan

    B. Xyza Bacani

    A. Sebastião Salgado

    C. Frieder Nake                               

  • Q13

    Which of thefollowing software applications is used in creating abstract artworks? (A10PL-IIh-2)

    C. Tierazon                                            

    B. Game maker

    D. Snapseed

    A. Photo Grid

  • Q14

    These are games played by electronicallymanipulating images produced by a computer program on a display screen.

    C. video games                                         

    D. outdoor games

    A. indigenous games

    B. indoor games      

  • Q15

    This type of camera gives the photographer muchmore artistic freedom and control to select the camera settings to create thedesired final image with the preferred visual effects.

    A. Point and shoot camera

    B. Basic camera

    D. Mobile phone camera

    C. DSLR                                                         


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