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3.03 Preparing for Higher Education

Quiz by Eric Boyd

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    When Charles received his college placement test results, he is informed that he will need remediation in math. Which situation IS NOT TRUE of Charles’ situation?
    Charles will need to take at least one course because he is not college-ready.
    Since the remedial courses Charles must take will not count toward his degree , he needs to take the courses but tuition is not charged.
    Remediation courses do not count toward his degree program so he may need to take extra credits and his college degree may take longer to complete.
    Charles should have taken a placement test earlier in high school so he could strengthen his academic skills before heading for college.
  • Q2
    David plans to apply for college in 2 years. His guidance counselor suggested that he begin adding items to a 'college/training application’ folder. Which items WOULD NOT be helpful as additions to this folder?
    copies of his elementary and middle school report cards
    copies of awards and achievements he earns
    a resume of all community service and volunteer work he is actively involved in
    a list of all the extracurricular activities he gets involved in
  • Q3
    Which statement is TRUE regarding college-level expectations for studying and completing projects?
    It is best to study alone in a quiet environment.
    Multi-tasking during study time develops the important skill of working while being distracted, so it is okay to message with friends or watch TV while studying.
    The busier your schedule gets, the more important it is to write down only the most critical tasks to be done. Wasting time writing down smaller details is not recommended.
    Plan backwards from major deadlines
  • Q4
    Erin has been in college for 2 years and has decided that the major she has been studying isn’t for her. Changing her major and/or her college could result in:
    losing credits for classes she has already taken.
    the need for backwards planning.
    remediation courses to make up for the change in majors.
    a well-rounded college degree.

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