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3.04 and 3.05 Review

Quiz by Mary Bayer

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    What is a cover letter used for?
    to highlight information on the job application
    to highlight information in an accompanying resume
    to schedule an interview
    to find out more about an employer
  • Q2
    The main sections of a cover letter are
    introduction, conclusion, date, signature
    salutation, introduction, body and conclusion
    address, introduction, midsection, summary
    title, pay, signature, references
  • Q3
    Another word for letter of application
    cover letter
    job reference
    application status
  • Q4
    If someone does not understand a question in an interview - it is best to
    ask him or her to clarify it
    pretend like they did not hear it
    explain why he/she would be right for the company
    give as many details as possible
  • Q5
    Referring a potential employee to an employer for a job interview is called a
  • Q6
    Which of the following shows a job applicant possesses problem solving skills?
    "I developed a new system and procedure in the past"
    "I only know how to prepare one style"
    "I can't follow through all of the time but I follow directions"
    "I met with my coworkers to discuss complaints"
  • Q7
    In an interview, be prepared to talk about
    skills, abilities, and qualifications
    ethnic origin, marriage status
    your children, family and loans
    age, weight, salary
  • Q8
    During an interview - a potential employee (the person being interviewed) can demonstrate their dependability by
    sharing a job with 30+ absences
    talking about multiple jobs
    talking about dedicated and excellent service contributed to a company
    mentioning they do not have reliable transportation
  • Q9
    A potential employee can show critical thinking skills by discussing
    making types of sandwiches
    developing new products using analysis of data
    stacking shelves to be organized
    how to order supplies based on an inventory
  • Q10
    An appropriate interview question is
    How many children do you have?
    What are your greatest strengths?
    What is your age?
    What is your weight?
  • Q11
    "Are there opportunities for advancement?" is a question likely to be asked by
    the job application
    the employer
    the SECU bank
    the person interviewing for a new position
  • Q12
    Researching using periodicals, books, electronics and human resources possesses what type of skill?
    resource information skills
    human service skills
    technology support
  • Q13
    Achieved, calculate, examine are all examples of ________ words included on a resume
  • Q14
    If one has very little work experience - how could they improve their resume?
    including contact information
    including their skills and achievements and awards
    including more explanation about themselves
  • Q15
    A follow up letter should be sent ______________ an interview to the person who _____________ the potential employee.
    before, hires
    before, interviews
    after, interviewed
    after, hires

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