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308 Perming hair

Quiz by Alison

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    What needs to be read prior to application of perm lotion?
    A news paper
    A magazine
    A Text book
    Manufacturer's Instructions
  • Q2
    What would you use to avoid buckeled end to the hair when rolling up a perm?
    End papers
    Tissue paper
    Paper ends
    Toilet paper
  • Q3
    What will the size of rod determin when parming hair?
    The waves
    The curl results
    The strightness
  • Q4
    What can be used to ensure accurate development of the perm lotion and neautraliser?
    A Ruler
    A Timer
    A Guess
    A calculator
  • Q5
    What should be placed around the hairline once you have finished winding and prior to applying cotton wool?
    Hand cream
    Talcom powder
    Barrier cream
  • Q6
    What are you checking for when carrying out a patch test?
    How curly the hair is
    Breaks in the skin
    Oily scalp
  • Q7
    What could the hair texture affect?
    End paper size
    Development time
    Rod size
    Curl result
  • Q8
    What will determine the perm technique that you choose?
    Hair cut and length
    The hair condition
    How curly the hair is
    How straight the hair is
  • Q9
    What pH is a pre-perm shampoo?
    pH 3
    pH 7
    pH 5.5
    pH 9
  • Q10
    What will a pre-perm treatment do ?
    Level out the Acid
    Deteriate the porosity in the hair
    Level out the Alkaline
    Level out the porosity in the hair
  • Q11
    What are the three stages of the perming process?
    Softening, fixing and hardening
    Softening, moulding and fixing
    Softening, reshaping and hardening
    Softening, Oxadising and fixing
  • Q12
    What holds the polyprptide chains together?
    Bon bonds
    Hydrogen bonds
    Disulphide bonds
    Sugar bonds

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