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3.1 Quiz

Quiz by Logan Wagner

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11 questions
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  • Q1

    A form of government in which people elect leaders, called representatives, to stand in for them


    Magna Carta

    Representative Government

    Judicial Government

  • Q2

    What country controlled the colonies?

    The Dutch 


    Great Britain


  • Q3

    What area was gained by Britain after the French and Indian War?

    Ohio River Valley

    Hudson Bay

    Marine West Coast

    Great Plains

  • Q4

    What is Parliment?

    British Traders 

    Lawmaking Body 

    British Generals 

  • Q5

    Why was the English Bill of Rights passed?

    To establish more colonies

    To grant religious freedom

    To limit Monarchs powers

  • Q6

    What increased in the colonies due to the Navigation Acts


    Building Ships


    Less Money

  • Q7

    The Proclamation of 1763 established what?

    Land that was free to claim

    Land that was not to be settled by the Colonists

    That Native Americans could not trade with France

    You can't live in PA

  • Q8

    Which was one of the results of the French and Indian War?

    France got the 13 colonies

    France lost their trade with Native Americans

    The Colonies lost most of their land

    The colonies doubled their land

  • Q9

    Native Americans only fought with the French



  • Q10

    What was the Great Awakening?

    Colonists supporting only one religion

    The Idea that religion can be an individual or voluntary choice

    The idea you had to go to church and follow a religion

    When you wake up from a nap 

  • Q11

    Who was the Colonial General that gained fame and respect as a military leader?

    John Adams 

    George Washington 

    Thomas Jefferson 

    Andrew Jackson


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