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3.10 Tangerine + Poetry

Quiz by Janette Salinas

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7 questions
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  • Q1

    Read this excerpt from the novel Tangerine.

    There is fear in their eyes when we come charging off our bus, whooping our war cry. They are beaten by their own fear before the game even begins. This is a feeling that I have never known before. Anyway, I have never known it from this side of the fear. Maybe I am just a sub, maybe I am just along for the ride, but this is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

    Based on this excerpt, which choice best describes the effect playing soccer has on Paul and how his experience relates to the plot? 

    Playing on a good team helps Paul resolve his internal conflict. He sees himself as part of a strong group rather than as a fearful individual.

    Paul resolves several conflicts to become part of the team. Although he feels like he does not belong, he is proud to go to games and wear the uniform. 

    Being part of a team helps Paul better understand why his brother Erik loves football. This experience helps Paul resolve his conflict with his brother.

     He enlists the help of his teammates to resolve several conflicts. Paul learns that other people have disabilities, and he does not need to worry about others' opinions. 

  • Q2

    Read the following excerpt from the novel Tangerine.

    “I can’t see him! I can’t see him!” Mom broke in. “It’s OK, honey. It’s OK.” She said to Dad, “There. I told you. The problem is with his peripheral vision.” Suddenly I felt the hot breath of a predator on my neck. I screamed in terror. Erik laughed and ran over to Mom and Dad. He had snuck up on me from behind, from somewhere back around ten o’clock.

    Which type of conflict is represented in this excerpt? 

    character vs. society

    character vs. character

    character vs. nature

    individual vs. self

  • Q3

    Read this excerpt from the novel Tangerine.

    “What are they talking about? Who’s Mohawk Man?”

    “Forget about it. They’re idiots.”

    “No. Tell me. You obviously know.”

    Joey was right. I took a deep breath of the smoky air and explained, “Joey, they’re making fun of your brother. They’re making fun of Mike when his hair got burned off by the lightning. And they’re making fun of you for trying to take his shoes off at the field."

    Joey thought for a minute. Then he whispered, "That's what I thought they were doing." He sat down on the picnic-table bench. “I should’ve punched them out for that. I should’ve tried, anyway.” He looked at me. “That’s what Mike would have done. Mike had guts. He stood up to people when he had to.” Joey’s voice dropped even lower. “He wasn’t a coward like me.”

    Which conflicts is represented in this excerpt?

     character vs. character, as Joey and Paul argue about how they should stand up for Joey's brother

    character vs. nature, as the boys making fun of Joey's brother are much older and stronger

     character vs. society, as Joey does not stand up for his brother because he is afraid of getting in trouble

    character vs. self, as Joey feels like a coward because he does nothing to stop the boys from making fun of his brother

  • Q4

    Read the excerpt from the poem "To an Athlete Dying Young."

    The time you won your town the race

    We chaired you through the market-place;

    Man and boy stood cheering by,

    And home we brought you shoulder-high.

    Today, the road all runners come,

    Shoulder-high we bring you home,

    And set you at your threshold down,

    Townsman of a stiller town.

    What mood is created by the stanza 2 lines "Shoulder-high we bring you home / And set you at your threshold down"?





  • Q5

    In the novel Tangerine, Mr. Donnelly reads lines from the poem “To an Athlete Dying Young” at Senior Awards Night. Read the following excerpt from the poem.

    The time you won your town the race

    We chaired you through the market-place;

    Man and boy stood cheering by,

    And home we brought you shoulder-high.

    Today, the road all runners come,

    Shoulder-high we bring you home,

    And set you at your threshold down,

    Townsman of a stiller town.

    What themes do the poem and the description of Awards Night in the novel have in common? 

    facing new beginnings and looking to the promise of peace 

    celebrating accomplishments and honoring a life

    achieving goals in sports and fulfilling goals in life

    overcoming challenges in sports and facing adversity in life

  • Q6

    What evidence from the novel Tangerine best supports the idea that Paul has finally overcome his fear?

     Victor grabbed me by the shoulder and shook me dramatically. "What about Fisher Man’s goal?"

    The fullback stretched out my goggles from my face, scooped up a handful of mud, and smeared it in my eyes. In my eyes! 

    All I remember next is Mom shouting “Paul!” as I took off, flying through the air. I landed hard on Coach Warner’s back and held on tight, riding his neck and shoulders.

     I raised my hand up limply and said, "I think I know who did it."

  • Q7

    Read the excerpt from the novel Tangerine.

    I lowered my voice and said to her, "Let me ask you one thing, Mom. When you got home from the hospital that day, did you see the white paint on Erik's hands?"

    She didn't hesitate. "Yes."

    "Did you know what happened?"


    No one spoke for a couple of minutes. Dad continued to examine the legal pad in front of him. Then he said, "The doctors told us that you might never remember. And we figured that that was the best way to handle the situation." He shook his head sadly. "We wanted to find a way to keep you from always hating your brother."

    Which sentence explains the consequences of the choice made by Paul's parents?

    Paul's parents made a decision to focus their attention on Erik instead of on Paul. 

    Paul's parents made Erik feel extremely guilty for what he had done.

    Paul's parents established a pattern of "not seeing" the terrible things Erik did.

    Paul and his family had to move from Texas to Florida.


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