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  • Q1
    What is the purpose of entering the product key during the Windows installation process?
    To adjust the screen resolution
    To configure the network settings
    To install additional drivers
    To activate and verify the authenticity of the Windows license
  • Q2
    What is the purpose of the Windows Setup program during the installation process?
    To uninstall existing programs
    To prepare the system for installation and configure initial settings
    To optimize the system performance
    To encrypt the data on the hard drive
  • Q3
    During the installation of Windows, what is the purpose of selecting the language and region settings?
    To configure the internet connection
    To install additional software
    To set the default language and region for the operating system
    To customize the desktop background
  • Q4
    When prompted, what is the purpose of entering a product key during the Windows installation?
    Creating a user account
    Activating and validating the operating system
    Installing additional features
    Checking for updates
  • Q5
    What is the purpose of selecting a disk partition during the installation of Windows?
    Organizing data and allocating storage space
    Configuring the sound settings
    Choosing the color scheme for the desktop
    Setting up a Wi-Fi connection
  • Q6
    Which of the following is NOT a type of operating system media?
    USB drive
  • Q7
    How can you install software in Windows?
    By throwing the installation file in the trash can
    By pressing the delete key on the keyboard
    By double-clicking on the installation file and following the on-screen prompts
    By turning off the computer and turning it back on
  • Q8
    Which tool in Windows allows you to manage installed software and features?
    Control Panel
    Task Manager
    File Explorer
  • Q9
    What is the purpose of the Windows Installer service?
    To optimize system performance
    To manage the installation, removal, and maintenance of software
    To organize files on the desktop
    To schedule system backups
  • Q10
    What is the recommended method to uninstall software in Windows?
    Using the 'Programs and Features' or 'Apps & Features' in Control Panel/Settings
    Dragging the program icon to the Recycle Bin
    Deleting the program files directly from the installation folder
    Shutting down the computer abruptly
  • Q11
    What is the purpose of running an installation file as an administrator in Windows?
    To allow the installation process to make system-level changes and modifications
    To reduce the size of the installed software
    To speed up the installation process
    To change the color scheme of the Windows interface
  • Q12
    What type of file is typically associated with executable programs on Windows systems?
    .exe file
    .doc file
    .jpg file
    .pdf file
  • Q13
    Which of the following file extensions is commonly used for executable files on macOS?
    .txt file
    .jpg file
    .mp3 file
    .app file
  • Q14
    What is the primary function of an .exe file?
    To display text documents
    To store images
    To execute instructions
    To play audio files
  • Q15
    What does an MSI file stand for in the context of software installation?
    Microsoft Installer
    Managed System Integration
    Main Software Installation
    Multiple System Integration

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