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3-17 Meats

Quiz by Timothy Tatsch

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    After power outage
    Meat in the refrigerator is safe for two days if refrigerator is at full capacity
    Continuously open the refrigerator door to check the temperature
    Meat in refrigerator is safe only if the meat temperature rises above 40 degrees F
    None of the above
  • Q2
    Which of the following statements is true concerning safe handling instructions?
    Are the same on all types of raw meat and poultry
    Are required by FSIS
    None of the above
    Are regulated by FDA
  • Q3
    Defrosting meat in a microwave oven....
    All of the above
    Is the quickest method
    Will result in the greatest loss of juiciness
    Can reveal a change in the original texture of the meat
  • Q4
    Cold cuts would be labeled "with meat by-products" because they include....
    Shoulder meat
  • Q5
    Which cookery method uses heat from only one direction?
    Grilling and Broiling

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