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3-25 Meats

Quiz by Timothy Tatsch

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following statements is most accurate concerning cooking methods of meat products?
    Moist method for more tender cuts such as chops and steaks and dry method for tougher cuts such as roasts.
    Cooking methods depend on species as well as desired degree of doneness (DOD)
    Any cooking method is fine on any cut of meat as long as salt is used as a flavoring
    Cooking method is based on the cut of meat with dry methods being used on mor tender cuts of meat and moist on less tender cuts
  • Q2
    Which of the following procedure would NOT be a function used to produce a processed meat product?
  • Q3
    The spread of harmful, pathogenic bacteria from one surface to another, one surface to person, or person to person is commonly known as:
    Pathogenic convection
    Cross contamination
    Cross referencing
  • Q4
    Which ingredients within a processed meat product MUST be listed on the label?
    All ingredients of a processed product must be listed on the label
    Ingredients on the label are voluntary and do not have to be listed
    Only ingredients used as a salt or cure salt substitute
    Only ingredients used to enhance flavor and juiciness
  • Q5
    Flavorings used in meat products are divided into what two types?
    Solid and liquid
    Interior and exterior
    Natural and synthetic
    Offensive and defensive
  • Q6
    Whole muscle product surfaces should be cooked to what temperature?
    160 degrees F and 71 degrees
    160 degree F
    71 degrees C
    145 degrees F
  • Q7
    What is the recomended freezer storage time for ground pork?
    1 - 3 Months
    6-9 months
    3-4 months
    None of the others
  • Q8
    Once a roast has been cooked through, in the oven, what is the longest time one can wait to eat it awhile still maintaining optimum eating quality?
    1 hour
    2 hours
    3 hours
  • Q9
    Defrosting of meat causes liquid to be release from the ice which can result in the breaking of _______________ and a loss of juiciness.
    Cell Membranes
    None of these
    Peptide bonds
  • Q10
    Which bacterial Causative agent is found in raw and smokes fish?
    Listeria monocytogens
    Clostridium Botulinum
    Escherichia coli
    All of these
  • Q11
    Which FFA Meats judging team has the coolest, smartest, and most fun team members of all time?
    College Station HS

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