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3/25/20 Ch 15 Pre-test ( lets gauge what you know)

Quiz by Shelby Miller

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    A(n) _________ is a program that monitors information coming to a computer.
    Social Network
  • Q2
    A data record of all an individual’s online activities is a(n) _________.
    Digital Citizen
    General Public License
    Internet protocol
    Digital Footprint
  • Q3
    _________ refers to something that comes from a person’s mind.
    Open Source
    Intellectual property
  • Q4
    What is public domain?
    a contract that gives one party permission to use a product owned by another party
    A material that is not owned and can be used by anyone
    the standard of appropriate behavior when using technology to communicate
    allows individuals to use copyrighted work without the permission in limited situations
  • Q5
    Using remote servers to store and access data over the Internet is called ________
    digital literacy
    cloud computing

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