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3.3 Jim Crow Laws Review

Quiz by Shiva Javdani

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    In Alabama, all bus stations were required to...
    Have separate buses for colored people and white people.
    Have separate waiting rooms and ticket windows for colored people and white people.
    Never hire colored people.
  • Q2
    In Alabama, hospitals did not allow ____ to treat patients when colored people were present.
    black male nurses
    white male nurses
    white female nurses
  • Q3
    In Florida, schools were not segregated.
  • Q4
    Which state did not allow officers to bury white people with colored people?
  • Q5
    In Mississippi, promotion of equality was banned, which means that...
    People who promoted the acceptance of Jim Crow Laws in the south went to jail.
    People who encouraged void marriages between white and colored people were guilty.
    No citizen was allowed to publicly support racial and social equality.
  • Q6
    If someone was guilty for promoting equal rights in Mississippi, they...
    Could be both fined up to $500 and sent to 6 months in school.
    12 months in jail
    Fined $600
  • Q7
    Why is it significant that many Jim Crow laws reference gender as well as race?
    Both of these are true.
    Men and women of different races were not trusted to be in the same place without causing trouble
    There are no specific mentions of white men not being allowed near black women.
  • Q8
    Why did Mississippi likely make it illegal to promote racial equality?
    Both of these are true.
    By creating fines and punishments, the government limited how many people would dare to speak out about Jim Crow laws.
    This is likely because doing so might garner sympathy for the desegregation movement.
  • Q9
    Each Jim Crow Laws we reviewed in class were from a specific part of the United States. What do the state names tell you about the scope of Jim Crow?
    Before the Civil War, these states were slave states, which suggests a long-held belief that black people are inferior to white people.
    Jim Crow Laws were mainly concentrated in the progressive western states.
    The South did not uphold Jim Crow Laws.
  • Q10
    Jim Crow Laws exited from 1877 until...
    The 1950s
    The 1890s
    The 1970s
  • Q11
    Laws that governed who colored people could marry were known as....
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