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3.3 The Constitution's Impact on Citizenship

Quiz by Jennifer Horton

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    How does the judicial branch of the United States government protect individual rights?
    by vetoing unconstitutional laws
    by enacting constitutional laws
    by ratifying constitutional laws
    by overturning unconstitutional laws
  • Q2
    How do citizens experience economic freedom?
    electing representatives
    exercising religion
    petitioning the government
    owning property
  • Q3
    The timeline shows events related to the death penalty. What constitutional protections have resulted from these events?
    Question Image
    Constitutional protections from cruel and unusual punishment are limited while executions continue.
    Constitutional protections from cruel and unusual punishment are safeguarded while executions continue.
    Constitutional protections of due process of law are safeguarded while executions continue.
    Constitutional protections of due process of law are limited while executions continue.
  • Q4
    How have constitutional rights shaped the involvement of individuals in social movements in the United States?
    They have allowed people to choose the social movements they want to support.
    They have barred involvement in social movements that speak out against the government.
    They have required individuals to receive government approval to support social movements.
    They have discouraged people from supporting unpopular social movements.
  • Q5
    The chart shown describes amendments to the U.S. Constitution. How did these amendments affect participation in the American political process?
    Question Image
    More candidates could be nominated.
    Fewer candidates could be confirmed.
    More citizens could vote.
    Fewer immigrants could vote.
  • Q6
    The statements below are from a community debate. Shaun: We need order and safety during public meetings. How can elected officials get their work done if people are protesting outside their meeting? Elena: It is important that people let their opinions be known. Protests are okay as long as they are nonviolent. Which constitutional principle supports Elena’s arguement?
    the right to plead the fifth
    the right to due process
    the right to peacefully assemble
    the right to equal protection under the law

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