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3rd 9 Weeks Test Review (pt. 3)

Quiz by Tiara Toney

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following sets of pictures and statements correctly explains what would happen if the pot were knocked on its side and left for several months?
    Question Image
  • Q2
    What essential body process does the diagram of the Amoeba demonstrate?
    Question Image
    Cellular Respiration
  • Q3
    What is the definition of heredity?
    the process of reproducing by budding and fission only
    passing of genetic information from one generation to the next
    all of the genetic traits that make up an organism.
    the passing of a sperm and egg cell
  • Q4
    Students were conducting an experiment comparing and contrasting plant and animal cells. They were given slides of unlabeled cells. How could students identify which cell is on which slide?
    Question Image
    both plant and animals cell have nucleus, but plant cells only get energy from chloroplast.
    plant cells have large vacuoles, chloroplast, and cell wall but animal cells do not.
    both plants and animal cells have mitochondria, but animal cells have cell walls
    animal cells have small vacuoles and cell walls but plant cells do not
  • Q5
    The picture shows a certain plant’s adaptations. Which adaptation is the most important for survival in an arid (dry) environment?
    Question Image
    Spongy Flesh
    Woody Ribs
  • Q6
    Glucose is a product of photosynthesis. What is the source of the carbon that is in the glucose molecule?
    Carbon Minerals from the roots
    Created in the leaf
    Carbon Dioxide taken in from the air
    From the water entered through the leaves
  • Q7
    What is the order of energy transformation with Mr. Herd playing in a student vs. faculty basketball game? Start with the type of energy he gets from food.
    Radiant to stored chemical
    no energy was transformed
    mechanical energy to chemical energy
    stored chemical energy to mechanical energy
  • Q8
    The cell theory was developed by numerous scientist in the 1600's to 1700's. Which of the following is part of the cell theory?
    All Living things are made of cells
    cell are the basic building blocks of matter
    all cells reproduce asexually
    all living things are made of one cell
  • Q9
    Students calculated the density of cubes made of different unknown materials. The densities they calculated for their unknown materials are in the following chart. Students were provided with the chart below as a reference. Of the cubes that were of unknown material, which one will float in water?
    Question Image
    Cube 3
    Cube 1
    Cube 2

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