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3rd Grade Rocks and Soils

Quiz by Cristina Vargas

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    All of the rocks the students collected -
    Question Image
    have the same texture.
    are the same color.
    are different sizes.
    have very sharp edges.
  • Q2
    The new rock belongs in which group?
    Question Image
    Group 2
    Group 1
    Group 3
    Group 4
  • Q3
    Students sorted rocks into three groups. What property did they use to sort the rocks?
    Question Image
  • Q4
    A student is testing a rock by trying to scratch it with different objects. It is a good test for answering which of the following questions?
    Which rock has the most mass?
    What is the hardness of the rock?
    Will the rock sink or float in water?
    What level of luster does the rock have?
  • Q5
    Which of the rocks can be grouped together by their luster?
    Question Image
    1 and 2
    3 and 4
    1 and 3
    2 and 4
  • Q6
    Based on the data from the table, which soil type best supports plant growth?
    Question Image
    Coarse sand
    Fine sand
  • Q7
    Which statement is supported by this evidence?
    Question Image
    All plants need soil in order to grow.
    Plants must receive water often in order to grow.
    These plants do not grow well in fine soil.
    The plants grew best in the darkest soil.
  • Q8
    Which soil would retain the most water?
    Question Image
    Fine sand
    Coarse sand
  • Q9
    For this investigation, the students found that plants continued to grow best in the kind of soil mixture that is __________.
    Question Image
    mostly clay, with only a little sand.
    mostly sand, with only a little clay.
    equal parts sand, clay, and loam.
    mostly loam, with a little clay and sand.
  • Q10
    The soil from the playground has what texture?
    Question Image
    Fine sand
    Coarse sand
  • Q11
    Students observed that in one corner of the playground was a patch of smooth, flat soil. After several days, they noticed that ripples had formed across the sand. What was the most likely cause of this change?
    Wind blowing
    Ice freezing
    Snow falling
    Water moving
  • Q12
    Dunes are large piles of sand that move slowly on beaches. What causes the dunes to move from place to place?
    Question Image
    Freezing water
    Breaking rock
    Blowing winds
    Rushing rivers
  • Q13
    When water runs down a hill of loose soil, it will cause what change to the soil?
    The solid particles of soil will melt and flow up the hill.
    The hill will collect more soil and become taller.
    The particles of the soil will come together to make rocks.
    Soil from the top of the hill will be moved to the bottom.
  • Q14
    What happens when strong winds blow sand against large rocks?
    The rock starts to melt.
    Tiny pieces of the rock break off.
    Plants grow on top of the rock.
    The rock grows much bigger.
  • Q15
    A sharp, jagged rock falls into a fast-moving river. How will the moving water change the rock over time?
    Question Image
    The rock will get heavier.
    The rock will melt.
    The rock will get bigger.
    The rock will get smoother.

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