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3rd Quarter Math 8 Summative Test

Quiz by Osmundo Siapian

Grade 8
Philippines Curriculum: Grades K-10 (MELC)

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40 questions
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  • Q1

    What property is illustrated if x = x, then x is equal to itself x?

    C. Symmetric

    D. Transitive

    B. Reflexive

    A. Distributive

  • Q2

    Which of the following is considered true without proof or justification?

    B. Defined Term

    A. Conjecture

    C. Postulate

    D. Theorem

  • Q3

    What is a valid conclusion if x and y are complementary?

    A. m \anglex = m \angley

    D. m\angle x + m\angle y = 180°

    B.  m \anglex + m \angley = 90°

    C. m\angle x ≠ m\angle y

  • Q4

    Which would be the result of -2 (x - y), if the Distributive property were applied?

    B. -2x + 2y

    A. 2x – 2y

    D. -2x + y

    C. 2x + y

  • Q5

    Which of the following represents a line?

    D. \overleftrightarrow{\mathrm{UH}}

    A.  BC

    C. \overrightarrow{\mathrm{DE}}

    B. \overline{\mathrm{CD}}

  • Q6

    What is used to prove a Theorem?

    C. Intuition

    B. Guess

    A. Analogy

    D. Proof

  • Q7

    Which method of proof uses contradiction to prove a statement?

    D. Two Column Proof

    C. Indirect Proof

    B. Formal Proof

    A. Direct Proof

  • Q8

    What is the common endpoint of the two rays in an angle?

    D. Vertex

    A. Angle Measure

    C. Midpoint

    B. Arrowhead

  • Q9

    What represents a plane?

    C. a flat surface

    B. an exact location

    A. a straight path

    D. intersecting paths

  • Q10

    What property justifies the following conclusion?

    Given: x = y , y = z

    Conclusion: x = z

    C. Reflexive Property

    D. Transitive Property

    A. Addition Property of Equality

    B. Division Property of Equality

  • Q11

    Determine the classification of the given triangle according to the angle.

    Question Image

    B) Isosceles

    C) scalene

    D) equilateral

    A) Right

  • Q12

    What kind of a triangle is this in accordance of the given sides?

    Question Image

    B) Isosceles

    A) Right

    C) scalene

    D) equilateral

  • Q13

    In any given triangle the sum of the interior angles is equal to...

    D) 360 degrees

    A) 100 degrees

    C) 180 degrees

    B) 120 degrees

  • Q14

    Find the measure of the unknown interior angle.

    Question Image

    A) 35 ̊

    B) 45 ̊

    C) 85 ̊

    D) 95 ̊

  • Q15

    Find the measure of the unknown interior angle.

    Question Image

    B) 36 ̊

    A) 26 ̊

    C) 85 ̊

    D) 144 ̊


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