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Quiz by Jack Fairbrother

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    What does it mean to do something 'over and over again' in the context of hybrid work?
    Skipping a task entirely
    Performing a task sporadically
    Performing a task only once
    Repeatedly performing a task or action
  • Q2
    In the context of remote work, which statement shows the correct use of the phrase 'the verdict is in'?
    There are mixed opinions on remote work, but the verdict is not suitable for all job roles.
    The verdict in, remote work is the future of work and should be embraced by all companies.
    It is uncertain if remote work is effective, the verdict is favor of traditional office setups.
    After analyzing the data, the verdict is in, remote work has increased work-life balance for many employees.
  • Q3
    Which of the following phrases correctly uses 'to long for' in the context of a fulfilling career?
    She longs for a fulfilling career.
    She long fulfilling for a career.
    She long for a fulfilling career.
    She longed a fulfilling career.
  • Q4
    How can the anchor be used in the context of hybrid work?
    An anchor is a term used for a remote work policy.
    An anchor can provide stability and a sense of grounding for employees during the transition between remote and in-office work.
    An anchor is a physical object used to secure a boat.
    An anchor is a type of software used to track employee performance.

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