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4-15 (cuento de tren)

Quiz by Gregory Duncan

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  • Q1

    va a la estación de tren

    goes to the train station

    sees a train station

    goes to the airport

    sees an airport

  • Q2

    no sabe cuál vía

    doesn't see the track

    doesn't know which track

    doesn't see the platform

    doesn't know the way

  • Q3

    Después de encontrar

    Before looking for

    Before finding

    After looking for

    After finding

  • Q4

    no tiene dinero para el viaje

    doesn't have money for the train

    doesn't have money for the trip

    doesn't have food for the trip

    doesn't have money for the plane

  • Q5

    Cuando la encuentra

    when he/she knows it

    when he/she wants it

    when he/she finds it

    when he/she sees it

  • Q6

    necesita una tarjeta de crédito

    needs a credit card

    finds a credit card

    looks for a credit card

    has a credit card

  • Q7

    No puede regresar

    can't have

    can't see

    can't travel

    can't return


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