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4.15 Twelfth Night (ii)

Quiz by Janette Salinas

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    Where does Twelfth Night take place?




  • Q2
    Why is Duke Orsino unhappy at the beginning of the play?
    The woman he loves doesn't love him back

    The woman he loves loves him back

    The woman he loves has lost a brother

    The woman he loves has lost a father

  • Q3
    Complete the quote: "If music be the food of _____, play on."
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  • Q4
    What does Olivia pledge to do for seven years?

    wear a veil

    ignore Orsino

    stay way from a mirror

    mourn her dead brother
  • Q5
    What information did the Captain give Viola about Sebastian after the shipwreck?

    He saw Sebastian trying to rescue Viola.

    He saw Sebastian make it to shore.

    He saw Sebastian bind himself to a strong mast.

    He saw Sebastian hide himself below deck.

  • Q6
    Why does Viola have to disguise herself?

    Only a woman could understand what Orsino wants

    Only a woman could help Olivia fight Orsino

    Only a man could convince Olivia to love him

    Only a man could get the job she wants
  • Q7
    What reason did "Cesario" give Orsino for being reluctant to visit Olivia?
    "He" would be refused admittance due to Olivia's sorrow.

    "He" was afraid of falling in love with Olivia.

    "She" was afraid of making Olivia angrier.

    "She" would be tricked into working for Olivia instead.

  • Q8
    What problem does Viola have with helping Duke Orsino win Olivia's heart?
    She falls in love with him herself.

    She thinks Olivia is a cruel and proud woman.

    She is sure that Olivia will kill him.

    She has never helped someone like this before.

  • Q9
    Which one of the following statements fully explains the mess that Viola has caused?

    Orsino loves Olivia, Olivia loves Orsino, Viola loves Orsino

    Orsino loves Cesario, Olivia loves Orsino, Viola loves Cesario

    Orsino loves Viola, Olivia loves Orsino, Viola loves Olivia

    Orsino loves Olivia, Olivia loves Cesario, Viola loves Orsino
  • Q10
    Once the Duke realizes that Olivia is in love with Cesario, he

    threatens to kill Sebastian.

    threatens to kill Viola.

    threatens to kill Olivia.

    threatens to kill Antonio.

  • Q11
    How did "Cesario" prove "he" was really Viola to Sebastian?

    By telling her he had married Olivia

    By explaining to her everything that happened to him

    By showing her a necklace they both wore since birth

    By saying his father died when Viola was thirteen years of age.
  • Q12
    Read the explanations then match them to the quote.
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  • Q13
    How does the play begin?

    Antonio rescues Sebastian

    Orsino is talking about being in love.

    Olivia is complaining about Orsino

    Viola and the Captain discuss the shipwreck

  • Q14
    Who rescues Sebastian?

    the Captain



  • Q15
    What causes Viola to suspect her brother might be alive?

    Antonio gives Viola money.

    Sebastian leaves a ring for Viola.

    Antonio asks Viola for money.

    Olivia gives Viola a letter.


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