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4.2 American Federalism: Conflict and Change

Quiz by Mark Stegall

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Dual Federalism was identified as a
    Layer Cake
    Mother Bear and her cubs
    The sky
    A salad
  • Q2
    Doctrine of Nulification
    The belief that the national government could override any state law
    the belief that the states had the right to cancel federal laws with which they disagreed
    The belief that the people could vote to approve or refuse a law presented by congress
    The belief that the Executive branch could Veto any law presented.
  • Q3
    Doctrine of secession
    The idea that a state could petition for more representation in Congress
    the idea that a state could stay unified with Great Britain
    the idea that a state had the right to separate from the Union
    The idea that a state could divide into additional states
  • Q4
    Cooperative federalism
    cheese cake
    layer cake
    cup cake
    Marble cake
  • Q5
    Creative federalism was identified as
    barbed wire fence
    layer cake
    picket fence
    marble cake

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