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4.2 Post Reading Questions

Quiz by Janette Salinas

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30 questions
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  • Q1

    Why is the descent of Walsh & Picard to the deepest part of the ocean "largely forgotten today"?

    People were more interested in the race to the moon.

    People have only been there once and never again.

  • Q2

    Why does the author think that the time may now be right to focus on ocean research?

    We now have the technology and know-how to do so.

    The space shuttle program has come to an end.

  • Q3

    What evidence is there that "we've only dipped our toes in the water" of ocean exploration on line 37?

    We've explored only about 10 percent of the ocean.

    The ocean covers 70% of the surface of the Earth.

  • Q4

    Why does Cousteau compare the ocean to "unopened presents under the tree"?

    The ocean contains knowledge waiting to be discovered.

    There are many valuable resources in the depths of the oceans.

  • Q5

    Why does the author say the space shuttle program had "a price tag of nearly $200 billion"?

    to suggest the money might be available for ocean research

    to emphasize how unreasonable and expensive the price was

  • Q6

    What is Philippe Cousteau's main purpose for writing this commentary?

    explain to readers the many new discoveries awaiting them below the sea

    persuade readers of the importance of exploring the oceans

  • Q7

    A steward of the ocean's resources is someone who

    takes care of them.

    cleans them.

  • Q8

    Disservice as used on line 36 means...

    a harmful action.

    a violent action.

    a useful action.

    a helpful action.

  • Q9
    If you are a co-inventor it means...
    you have invented something with someone else

    you have cooperated with many inventions

  • Q10

    Who is Jacques Cousteau?

    the author of this article and the grandson of a famous diver

    the founder of the Cousteau Society

  • Q11

    Why is space considered the final frontier?

    people think there is nowhere else to go on Earth

    people think it is the most important place to go

  • Q12

    What does "race to the depths" refer to on line 13?

    trying to reach the deepest point of the ocean

    trying to capture animals in the Challenger Deep

  • Q13

    What does “diplomatic firsts” refer to on line 22?

    the many technological achievements of the ISS

    a handshake between two astronauts

  • Q14

    What does it mean to be "a champion of" something as used on line 23?

    to earn a trophy for an achievement

    to defend something and be in favor of it

    to win a tournament and defeat many enemies

  • Q15

    What is the author implying when he says "it does not entail straining our necks to look skyward" on lines 30 - 31?

    we look "skyward" because we think we have to

    it is painful to look "skyward"

    we have been looking "skyward" for a long time


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