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4/27 Questions

Quiz by Timothy Tatsch

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  • Q1
    Which self in a refrigerator should ground beef be stored on?
    Any of the above
  • Q2
    Which modifications are required to cook frozen meat?
    All of these
    Roasting time will increase one and one-third to one and one-half times
    Broil steaks and chops one and one-half to two-times longer
    Place meat further from the heat source
  • Q3
    When handling leftovers, they should be cooled...
    All of the above are acceptable
    Slowly to reduce moisture loss
    At room temperature to increase tenderness
    Quickly to slow bacterial growth
  • Q4
    When handling leftovers, which is not an acceptable method:
    Vacuum sealing to reduce air circulation in the container
    Avoiding placing large containers of food in refrigerators
    Diving food into small, shallow containers
    Maintaining free air circulation around containers in refrigerators
  • Q5
    Cooked leftovers must be used within how many days:
    7 days
    8 days
    4 days
    2 days

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