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4.3 Open Note & Reading Passage - The First Amendment and the Internet

Quiz by Eric Gerber

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    The Preamble is
    the introduction to the Constitution.
    a nickname for Zac Martin.
    the name of George Washington's horse.
    the beginning of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Q2
    Amendments were made to the Constitution because
    the Framers were upset with Rhode Island for not attending the Constitutional Convention.
    the Framers wanted to ensure that the Constitution couldn't be changed.
    the Framers realized that society would change over time.
    the Framers realized they made mistakes and wanted to fix them.
  • Q3
    Which branch of the government interprets the law?
  • Q4
    How many amendments have been made to the US Constitution?
  • Q5
    Sort these powers
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  • Q6
    Match these leaders with the correct branch of government
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  • Q7
    Which of the following is an example of Republicanism?
    The decision to veto a bill passed by Congress
    Voting for Supreme Court Justices
    The creation of 3 branches of government
    Voting for the President and members of Congress
  • Q8
    Match the amendment with the correct description
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  • Q9
    Which example from colonial America could be compared to the WikiLeaks situation today?
    publishing a letter to the editor of the Philadelphia Enquirer on state’s rights
    reprinting the Constitution to be read in each colony
    publishing George Washington’s plan of attack plan on British troops
    reprinting Paul Revere’s drawing of the Boston Massacre
  • Q10
    What information did WikiLeaks publish that upset U.S. government officials?
    names of people who voted in the last election
    classified government documents
    addresses of foreign businesses
    satellite images of Earth
  • Q11
    Why is yelling “fire” in a crowded theater illegal when there is no fire?
    It violates people’s freedom of speech.
    It was outlawed by the first Supreme Court.
    It creates a risk to the safety of others.
    Speech that is untrue is always illegal.
  • Q12
    During the early part of our country’s history, where did most people live?
    Above taverns beyond the town
    Suburbs, just outside the cities
    Farms in rural areas
    Apartments in large cities
  • Q13
    What is prior restraint?
    Holding someone back before they attack someone.
    Stopping a friend from making a bad decision.
    People in powerful positions attempting to stops reporters from publishing unflattering information.
    Allowing people to speak freely about a topic that they are extremely passionate about.
  • Q14
    Who is Sarah Palin?
    A reporter for the New York Times
    A member of the British National Party
    The CEO of Swiss Bank
    A former vice presidential candidate
  • Q15
    What did the U.S. threaten to do to WikiLeaks for releasing information?
    Sue them for publishing classified documents
    Send in soldiers to shut down their company
    Ban them from reporting in the U.S. for a 5-year period
    Place a 10-year publication ban on their news reports

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