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4.4 The Tale of Lightning and Thunder Assessment

Quiz by Stephanie Massung

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the lesson of "The Tale of Lightning and Thunder"?
    Treat others well or they will stay away from you.
    Always give people another chance.
    Getting angry and making noise can help other people.
    Be nice to others even if they are not being nice to you.
  • Q2
    Which sentence from the story supports the theme?
    They shared a village with the first people.
    When Lightning got mad, people got out of the way!
    Her tears sprinkled over the land and caused floods.
    Just seeing them made him want to explode!
  • Q3
    Based on the root word anger, what does angrily mean?
    in a strong way
    in a mad way
    in a fast way
    in a sure way
  • Q4
    Based on the root word noise, what does noisy mean?
    in a loud way
    in a bad way
    in an old way
    in a new way
  • Q5
    Which word has the same root word as noisy?
  • Q6
    What does the folktale try to explain about nature?
    Why thunder has a loud sound
    why kings can control the weather
    why people can get hurt in storms
    why people do no like bad storms

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