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4.5.D Solve problems for perimeter and area of rectangles

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Grade 4
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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Grade 4
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

4.5.D: Algebraic Reasoning

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    The model shows a rectangular field with a length of 150 m. The perimeter of the field is 400 m. What is the width of the field in meters?
    Question Image
    250 m
    50 m
    125 m
    100 m
    4.5.D: Algebraic Reasoning
  • Q2
    Bonnie has a rectangular picture of her dog. Measure the length and width of the picture to the nearest inch. Which measurement is closest to the area of the picture in square inches?
    Question Image
    24 square inches
    96 square inches
    15 square inches
    16 square inches
    4.5.D: Algebraic Reasoning
  • Q3
    Mr. Yates walks around the perimeter of a square playground every day for exercise. Each side of the playground is 29 yards long. What is the perimeter of the playground in yards? Be sure to use the correct place value.
    4.5.D: Algebraic Reasoning
  • Q4
    Question Image
    4.5.D: Algebraic Reasoning
  • Q5
    Sebastian had a rectangular piece of paper that was 90 mm long and 50 mm wide. He cut the paper in half. What is the area of each half of the paper in square millimeters?
    2,250 square millimeters
    1,125 square millimeters
    4,500 square millimeters
    9,000 square millimeters
    4.5.D: Algebraic Reasoning
  • Q6
    A rug shaped like a rectangle has a width of 3 m. The length of the rug is 2 m greater than its width. What is the perimeter of the rug in meters?
    15 m
    10 m
    16 m
    8 m
    4.5.D: Algebraic Reasoning

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